Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

Prior to student teaching, Early Childhood Education students must pass the MTTC Elementary Education Test #83 and the Early Childhood General and Special Education (ZS) Test #82.  Study guides for both tests are available at the MTTC website.  

Level 2 Students must complete the following Clinical Experiences

TED 3550 Teaching Research and Practice 5 Cr.

Students are required to complete one semester of pre-student teaching in an elementary classroom, preferably kindergarten. TED 3550 requires four mornings a week or two full days a week in a classroom and a mandatory seminar.  Students are in a cohort of 15 - 20 students with a WSU instructor. Early childhood education students should request a Kindergarten classroom for this first placement.


TED 5790* Student Teaching and Conference for Special Groups-Elementary 5 Cr.

ELE 6080 Preprimary Goals and Practices 3 Cr.  (co-requisite with TED 5790)

Students are assigned to the College of Education Early Childhood Center, located on campus in University Tower.  Students work with children five mornings a week. Students take the ELE 6080 seminar until 2:30 pm on Tuesday and participate in a team planning session until 4:00 pm on Friday.  Students can schedule other courses, work or personal activities on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.


TED 5780* Directed Teaching and Conference-Elementary 8 Cr.

Students are required to complete one semester of student teaching in an elementary classroom, preferably in a grade 1, 2 or 3 classroom.  TED 5780 requires five days a week in a classroom with mandatory seminars throughout the semester. Do not accept a Kindergarten placement as students must have at least one semester's experience in teaching reading.


TED 5790* is recommended prior to TED 5780.


Students must submit a Student Teaching Application for TED 5790 and TED 5780.

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