Art Education

Art Education was established in 1927 under the directorship of Dr. Jane Betsy Welling, a charismatic professor, who believed in the value of art in everyday life, in the discovery and learning of all people, and service to the community. Today, our programs strive to provide  coursework that is grounded in current research, and taught by instructors with a passion for their work.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in two different program areas: Visual Arts Education (VAE), and Art Therapy. In VAE, students may earn a bachelor's degree (BS) and initial certification in visual arts education, a master's degree in Art Education (M.Ed.) for individuals who are already certified art teachers. For students holding fine arts degrees who desire a master's degree and initial certification, a master of arts in teaching degree (MAT) is available, or post-bachelor's certification. A doctoral program is also available for those wishing to further their studies in Curriculum, or Policy areas.