Program Information / Policies

Liability Insurance

All students admitted to the program must secure liability insurance each year they are enrolled in the program since they are working with clients in the practicum component of several classes (e.g., psychotherapy, psychological evaluation) and in the practicum and internship. Information regarding liability insurance can be requested from the American Psychological Association or any other reliable carrier. Proof of liability insurance must be forwarded to Dr. Pernice-Duca, Director: Counseling Psychology. It is the student's responsibility to keep these records current.

Program Policies

Plan of Work: Applicants admitted to the master's degree program must satisfactorily complete 58-60 semester hours indicated on the Plan of Work which will be submitted during the second semester of enrollment and then be assigned a graduate advisor. The Plan of Work lists the courses required for graduation.

Academic Requirements: Continuing in the program necessitates an earned grade point average of 3.0 and no more than one grade of "C".

Withdrawal from Program: In the event of withdrawal from the program, the individual must reapply for admission.

Financial support

Qualified student applicants are encouraged to apply for financial support and/or the Graduate-Professional Scholarship prior to their acceptance into the program. Please visit Graduate School's funding webpage for information on scholarships, fellowships, and other WSU financial support. Awards to applicants are made conditional upon acceptance to the program. Please note the March 1 deadline for the Graduate-Professional Scholarship which is based upon the quality of the applicant's academic achievement. Additionally, the College of Education offers scholarship opportunities for graduate students.


The student must apply for graduation no later than Friday of the fourth week of classes for the semester in which the student wishes to graduate. For information, visit the Commencement website.