M.A. Admission Requirements

Admission to a Counselor Education degree program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. Program admission requirements also include:

  1. A personal interview with an admissions committee.
  2. A typewritten autobiographical statement reflecting his or her respective personal and professional history and clear, concise rationale for seeking admittance to a Masters program in Counseling. Admission to the concentration in Art Therapy also requires submission of a portfolio of original artwork, to be evaluated by the Art Therapy faculty, which demonstrates competence with art materials. Acceptance of a Counselor Education degree program is based on the applicant's professional potential, academic and professional background and professional career goals.

To qualify for admission, applicants must have a bachelor degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university and adequate preparation and ability to pursue graduate study in the area of Counseling. Admission may be recommended if the applicant's honor point average is 2.5 or above for the undergraduate coursework. Applicants admitted with an undergraduate honor point average between 2.5 - 2.75 will be given Qualified admission. Students classified as having Qualified admission must receive an HPA of 3.0 or better for their first semester of attendance. The prospective student should recognize that all counseling concentrations and specializations involve both course requirements and clinical experience in community, private, and/or school settings. Evaluation of a student's performance is continuous. Retention in the degree program and recommendation for credentialing depend upon demonstrated clinical skill as well as academic achievement. Requirements for the Master degree must be completed within six years after the completion of the first courses used towards the degree.

Application Dates and Procedures

The Office of Graduate Admissions, located at 5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 6000, phone number (313) 577-4723, will make every effort to process applications in time for the semester of the applicant's choice. Applications are reviewed by the Division of Academic Service, College of Education, Room 489, to ensure that they are complete and are then forwarded to the Counselor Education program for consideration. Due to the high number of applicants, early submission of application packets is strongly suggested. Only those applications received by the Counselor Education secretary by the application deadlines noted below will be reviewed for the approaching semester. Late applications will be considered for the next semester's class.

Term for Admission Application Deadline

  • Fall (September) May 1
  • Winter (January) October 15
  • Spring (May) February 15

Graduate School Admission Procedures

Applicants not previously enrolled at Wayne State University Graduate School are required to submit an on-line "Application for Graduate Admission". All official transcripts from each college or university attended must be submitted as well to the Office of Graduate Admissions, located at 5057Woodward Avenue, Suite 6000, Detroit, MI, 48202, phone number (313) 577-4723. If the applicant's bachelor degree is from WSU, attaching a current, unofficial transcript will expedite the processing.

Students who have previously been accepted and validated their admission to the Graduate School should present their application directly to the Division of Academic Services, College of Education, Room 489. A student admitted initially to the Graduate School as "Special Students" or in a different major must complete a "Change of Status" form in order for their application to be considered. This can be accomplished by filling out the proper form in Room 489, College of Education.

Admission Committee Interview

Upon receipt of the application by the CED program secretary, she will notify applicants of the dates for the admission committee screening interviews. At the time of the admission committee screening interview, all applicants will be asked to write a very brief response to a question related to their chosen counseling program concentration and/or specialization using guidelines that will be provided at that time. Applicants are officially notified of admission decisions by the Office of Graduate Admissions after completion of all admission committee screening interviews for any given semester.