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Grant & Contract Support Services

Grant & Contract Support Services is organized under the College of Education's Associate Dean for Research in order to provide assistance to faculty and staff who seek funds to support research and community engagement activities. Services include:

  • Support to identify key research interests and potential funding opportunities
  • Identification of faculty for possible collaboration
  • Consultation on the fit between research idea and specific Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Review narrative related to RFP (required headings, components)
  • Consultation on the grant development process
  • Budget development
  • Access to boilerplate materials for proposals including historical and demographic information relative to the University, College, state of Michigan, local schools, etc.
  • Access to grant writing workshops and resource library (including resources for writing grants to the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation)
  • Editing for grammar, punctuation, clarity and consistency
  • Editing to ensure proposal narrative follows RFP guidelines (required headings, content, page limitations)
  • Graphic design (develop figures, tables)
  • Pre-submission review and/or external reviews
  • Submission of proposals through appropriate systems (e.g. grants.gov)
  • Provide demographic data (Detroit, WSU, WSU COE, Schools, etc.)
  • Assist in the dissemination of research accomplishments
  • Assist in identifying external reviewers for a pre-submission review (funds provided by OVPR).

Guidelines for Grant Submission

  1. Discuss your idea and interest to submit a proposal with your Assistant Dean.
  2. As soon as you decide to submit a proposal, provide copy of the RFP to Joyce Martin and/or Julie Osburn as soon as possible.  They will work to ensure that all required documents are submitted to WSU Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) on time and in the required WSU format. Alternatively, you can email the budget information to them.
  3. For a smooth process, submit your completed documents at least one week prior to submission deadline.  Proposals will be reviewed for completeness, alignment with the funding guidelines and to ensure that the proposal is consistent with COE and university guidelines. Upon COE approval, proposals will then be sent to Sponsored Program Administration for final approval.

Note: All proposals MUST be submitted by Grant & Contract Support Services. Faculty should not submit proposals directly to funding agencies.

Grant Submission Resources

Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Resources

Office of the Vice President for Research

Sponsored Program Administation

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