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Hermann-Josef Engels

Hermann-Josef  Engels
Professor - Exercise Physiology
267 Matthaei Bldg.

Office Hours: Fall 2017 Semester

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am

Mondays & Wednesday: 4:30pm-5:30pm

also by individual appointment and email
(313) 577-5896


Doctor of Philosophy (1989) - Exercise Physiology / Movement Science Education
Florida State University, Tallahasee, FL

Master of Science (1984) - Physical Education / Sports Medicine
Florida International University, Miami, FL

Bachelor of Science (1983) - Physical Education
Florida International University, Miami, FL

Vordiplom (1981) - Sportwissenschaft; German Sport University (Deutsche Sporthochschule), Cologne, Germany

Research Interests

My research program focuses on the examination of the acute and chronic physiological response to exercise and physical activity in humans. I am committed to advancing the existing body of scientific knowledge about how exercise and physical activity can affect health and functional abilities in pediatric and adult populations. Current and past areas of scholarly pursuit include...

- youth and sports

- the link between exercise, mucosal immunity, and upper respiratory tract infections

- the study of nutritional aspects of exercise (caffeine, ginseng, echinacea)

- the interaction between exercise and sleep

My students and I also regularly conduct experiments that serve to address a range of other clinically relevant topics. Examples of past research projects in this area include examinations of the feasability of advanced technologies (e.g., body core temperature capsules, thoracic impedance cardiography) for exercise studies, the efficacy of  selected devices designed to modulate exercise responses (e.g., fitness vests, mouthgards), and the effects of different warm-up procedures on performance outcomes.  

Courses Taught

  • Physiology of Exercise I
  • Physiology of Exercise II
  • Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription
  • Lifestyle Fitness Activities Program (Weight Training and Fitness)

Awards & Honors

AAHPERD Midwest District Scholar Award
Fellow, AAHPERD Research Consortium
Fellow, ACSM


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