Lori Lucas

Lori  Lucas
Lecturer - Teacher Education
243 College of Education

Office Hours: By appointment.

(313) 577-0964
(313) 577-4091

  • Bachelors Degree in Corporate Finance, 2004 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)
  • Masters of Arts Degree, 2010 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)
  • Elementary Certification, 2010 (Michigan Department of Education)
  • Masters of Education, 2012 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)
  • Ed. Specialist, May 2014 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, graduation date: May 2020 (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI)


Lori Lucas is the assistant to the Assistant Dean in Teacher Education, Dr. Crawford-McKinney.  Areas of concentration are: BBE 5000

Academic Interests

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Administration

Area Of Expertise


Courses Taught

 * BBE 5000: Multicultural Education:Urban America

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