Sarah Lenhoff, assistant professor and Ben Pogodzinski, associate professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies release new report on Detroit's absenteeism and student attendance

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Chalkbeat, 10/17

Study: The Detroit students with the best attendance travel the farthest to school

By Koby Levin

African-American students in Detroit with the highest attendance rates also travel farther to get to school. That surprising finding comes from a new study that looked at an often-ignored group: The 20 percent of Detroit students who show up to class 99 percent of the time. The research could help shape the response to the absenteeism problem that has hit Detroit harder than any other major American city. More than half of the roughly 100,000 students in Detroit miss 10 percent of the school year, according to the researchers at Wayne State University who authored the report. Many miss much more. Solving the problem of chronic absenteeism is critical for schools in Detroit. If most students aren’t attending class, other academic reforms won’t have a chance to make much impact. The new findings suggest that the students who need the most help with transportation tend to live near their school buildings.