Lauren Mangus, assistant professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Education was quoted in the Detroit Free Press, "Amid crisis, class of 2020 struggles to keep semblance of graduation traditions"

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Detroit Free Press, 6/1

Amid crisis, class of 2020 struggles to keep semblance of graduation traditions

By Bill Laitner

At high schools across Michigan and the nation, the pandemic has zapped the class of 2020, sweeping away milestones that make senior year special. Now, hoping to give seniors at least a few graduation memories, high schools are planning online commencements and other events that maintain social distancing. Other schools have more modest plans for paying heed to tradition. But all such efforts can be helpful to teens who are "grieving for what they've missed," said Lauren Mangus, a former school psychologist in Port Huron, Warren and Bloomfield Hills. While most adults cling to the hope that their lives will soon return to normal, or nearly normal, graduating seniors can never relive this year to make up for what they missed, said Mangus, now an assistant professor in the College of Education at Wayne State University. "And schools are such an important place for fostering a sense of belonging. Kids are truly missing that now," Mangus said.