Laura Whalen, Program Coordinator for Sports Administration receives 2107 Blackboard Exemplary Cours Award...

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Laurel Whalen Sports Administration program coordinator for the College of Education division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies receives the 2017 Blackboard Exemplary Course Award. According to Blackboard they were overwhelmed with nominations this year, with judging based on course design, collaboration, assessment, and learner support.

About the Exemplary Course Award

This award recognizes faculty and course designers from schools, colleges, and universities around the world who develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning. The Exemplary Course Award honors courses demonstrating excellence in four areas:

  • Course Design
    • The elements of instructional design in an online course, such as its structure, learning objectives, and instructional strategies.
  • Interaction and Collaboration
    • The level of engagement offered by the course and the level of student interaction and collaboration taking place within an online environment.
  • Assessment
    • The evaluation of student work toward the achievement of learning outcomes and the quality and type of student assessments within the course.
  • Learner Support
    • The resources made available to students as a part of an online course, which may be accessible within or external to the course environment.
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