College of Education faculty, administors and students Present at the Michigan Reading Association

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On March 20, Teacher Education faculty and admins co-presented at the Michigan Reading Association with teaching residents from TeachDETROIT, mentor teachers from University Prep Science and Math Elementary (a non-profit charter in Detroit), the Instructional Coach from the school, AND the district’s Executive Director of Academics. To co-present with urban school partners from so many levels and teaching candidates is another example of our division’s commitment to Detroit and urban schools. This panel presentation featured preservice teachers, university faculty, and partner teachers sharing insights and understandings from Wayne State’s new residential TeachDetroit program. A critical component of this program is a clinical experience in which the elementary interns collaborate with teachers and university faculty to plan and implement evidence-based instruction for students in the city of Detroit. This shared instructional experience builds a collaborative culture of teacher learning and models best practices in literacy and mathematics instruction. Topics addressed include perspectives of individual stake-holders and ways collaboration has improved teaching and learning for everyone involved.

Photo back Row:
Leah van Belle, Director School Partnerships & Clinical Practice, Wayne State;
Jennifer Birgbauer, TeachDETROIT Resident;
Benjamin Allen, Executive Director of Academics, UPrep Schools;
Kathleen Crawford-McKinney, Assistant Dean, Teacher Education Division, Wayne State;
Kristin McIlhagga, Lecturer, Teacher Education Division, Wayne State;
Kimberly Whitsett, TeachDETROIT Resident.

Photo Front Row:
Bianca Morgan, Teacher, UPrep Science & Math Elementary;
Elizabeth Thomas, Teacher, UPrep Science & Math Elementary;
Stacey Graham, Teacher, UPrep Science & Math Elementary;
Ana Howrani, Instructional Coach, UPrep Science & Math Elementary.



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