Bachelors of Science - Sport Management

The sport business industry continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States. The Bachelors of Science degree in Sport Management prepares students to succeed in a variety of meaningful careers. Students will receive innovative instruction from industry professionals, collaborate on learning experiences, and will engage in an internship with specific applications to the sport industry's trends that brings together the capstone experience that will provide students exceptional knowledge and professional preparation for a successful career in the sports industry. The Bachelors of Science Sports Management degree is ideal for students looking to succeed in the sports industry.

Sport Management Undergraduate Flyer

Sport Management Required Courses (min. 42 credits)

  • SAM 2100: Foundations of Sport Management 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 2020: History of Sport 3 Crs. (Offered Fall and Winter semesters)
  • SAM 3010: Ethics in Sport 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 3020: Sociology of Sport 3 Crs. (Offered Fall and Winter semesters)
  • SAM 4020: Sport Governance 3 Crs. (Offered Fall semester)
  • SAM 4030: Sport Finance 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 4040: Sport Communication (*WI in major) 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 5000: Professional Practicum (Prereq: SAM 2100) 3 Crs. (Offered Fall semester)
  • KIN 5700: Sport Leadership 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 6570: Sports Marketing (Prereq: SAM 2100) 3 Crs. (Offered Fall Semester)
  • SAM 5750: Internship in Sports Management 6 Crs. (Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring/ Summer semesters)

Select at least one of the following (Prereq: SAM 2100)

  • SAM 6560: Media Design and Communication 3 Crs. (Spring/ Summer semester)
  • SAM 6531: Sport Event Management 3 Crs. (Spring/ Summer semester)

Select at least one of the following (Prereq: SAM 2100)

  • SAM 5510: Principles of Coaching 3 Crs. (Offered Summer and Fall semesters)
  • SAM 6300: Interscholastic Athletic Directing 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 6310: Collegiate Athletic Administration 3 Crs. (Offered Spring/ Summer semester)
  • SAM 6530: Professional Sport Administration 3 Crs. (Offered Winter semester)
  • SAM 6320: Youth Sports and Recreation 3 Crs. (Offered Spring/ Summer semester)


*Minors, concentrations, and preferred electives will be chosen in consultation with faculty and advisors

To declare or change your major/ minor to Sport Management online visit:


As a new or transfer student, the College of Education's Academic Services office are the official advisors for the program. The advisors are Fawne Allossery (students with the last names A-K) and Kurt Troutman (students with the last names L-Z). For advising hours, instructions to schedule an appointment online, visit and the office number is (3113) 577-1601.

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