Resources and Guidance for General Education Course Proposals

The university's mission is to create knowledge and prepare a diverse body of students to excel in an increasingly complex and global society. What does it mean to be a Wayne State graduate?  What skills, knowledge, experiences, and competencies are integral to the Wayne State Community in the 21st century?

The answers to these questions are at the heart of general education.  The General Education Program serves as a foundation for academic achievement, prepares students to participate effectively in a competitive global economy and to contribute as citizens in a diverse and engaged democracy. General Education presents a unique and powerful opportunity to develop the skills necessary for long-term academic success. 

  1. General Education Courses Approved for Fall 2018
  2. General Education Requirements and Learning Outcomes
  3. Course Forms
    1. Note: Download the form to your computer and save it.  Then begin to complete it. If the form is not first downloaded and saved and you begin to enter data into the fields, the fields become "locked" after saving it preventing future changes.
      1. Change to an Existing Course
      2. New Course
      3. Nomination for a General Education Course Designation
  4. Proposal Contents
    1. New Course form or Change to an Existing Course form
    2. Syllabus (including a statement of student learning outcomes, and a detailed schedule or outline for the course)
    3. Nomination for General Education Course Designation form
    4. Rationale
      1. A concise description of the course and how it satisfies both the general requirements and the specific guidelines and criteria governing courses that satisfy the General Education Requirement (not to exceed two pages), including provisions for credit by examination. An explanation must be provided for each guideline, requirement, and criterion. 

Completed proposals are submitted through e-mail to:


  • Courses for 3-credit hours.
  • No course prerequisites.
  • No course/program/college restrictions.
  • Courses should be of a general interest.
  • Courses meeting the Quantitative Experience requirement and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requirement are a priority for the Fall 2018 semester.
  • ► Note: Course proposals should provide strong rationales and detailed examples of assignments and activities that align the course learning objectives with the General Education learning outcomes.  Most often non-approval is a result of not having demonstrated how the course learning objectives align with the General Education learning outcomes.

Questions & Answers

  1. Courses for Fall 2018 need to be approved prior to March 26. Given that deadline, when is the deadline for submission of a Gen Ed Proposal to the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) for Fall 2018?
  • The sooner the better, but for an exciting new Gen Ed course, we could try to squeeze it in late.  
  1. Is there any consideration for extending the Fall 2018 submission deadline for high priority Gen Eds proposals (e.g. diversity)?
  • Yes.  We really do not have a drop-dead date, but at some point, it will become moot (as more students get their schedules set for fall)
  1. When is the deadline this academic year for submitting to GEOC a proposal that is for a semester beyond Fall 2018?
  • GEOC will keep working through the end of April and probably only wrap-up after the term ends.

College of Education Courses Proposed for General Education

  • Quantitative Experience
    • EER 1501, Quantitative and Research Methodology (3) – Online
      • Barry Markman & Shlomo Sawilowsky
    • MAE 1000, Detroit by the Numbers (3) - Traditional
      • Jennifer Lewis & Asli Özgün-Koca

The completed General Education proposal for MAE 1000 is provided in the link above for your review and to use as a guide in creating your own proposal. 

To be Determined

  • KHS 1000, Contemporary Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences (3) – Online
    • Laurel Whalen
  • EDP 1000, The Psychology of Human Happiness (3) – Traditional
    • Dante Dixson

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