Wayne State University
campus 14

Center For School Health

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The Center improves youth health through school-based programs that drive changes in knowledge, awareness and behaviors related to physical education and activity, nutrition education and health eating for students, families and communities. This multi-level focus on school health includes:

  • Enhancing curriculum, instruction, and teacher professional development for physical education and nutrition education
  • Integrating nutrition education and healthy eating messages across the curriculum and throughout the building
  • Increasing opportunities for students to engage in healthy eating behaviors at school
  • Increasing opportunities for health-enhancing physical activity before, during and after school
  • Empowering youth leaders to drive healthy school policies and programs
  • Providing family education and support for at-home physical activity and healthy eating
  • Forging community partnerships extending school health transformations to wider neighborhood environments
  • Ensuring that programs are inclusive and culturally relevant