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Center For School Health

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The Center improves youth health through school-based programs that drive changes in knowledge, awareness and behaviors related to physical education and activity, nutrition education and health eating for students, families and communities. This multi-level focus on school health includes:

  • Enhancing curriculum, instruction, and teacher professional development for physical education and nutrition education
  • Integrating nutrition education and healthy eating messages across the curriculum and throughout the building
  • Increasing opportunities for students to engage in healthy eating behaviors at school
  • Increasing opportunities for health-enhancing physical activity before, during and after school
  • Empowering youth leaders to drive healthy school policies and programs
  • Providing family education and support for at-home physical activity and healthy eating
  • Forging community partnerships extending school health transformations to wider neighborhood environments
  • Ensuring that programs are inclusive and culturally relevant

Michigan elementary schools invited to apply for program that helps kids improve their health

Building Healthy Communities emphasizes physical activity and healthy eating in schools

How to apply for the Building Healthy Communities Program

Who is this for?

 If you want to apply for the Building Healthy Communities program, this information will tell you how.

    Would you like to create an environment at your school that supports and encourages healthy eating  and physical activity? Could your students benefit from learning about healthy eating and physical activity?

The Building Healthy Communities program might be a good fit for your school.