Plan of Work

General Guidelines

You may use the Plan of Work Form to complete your individual plan.

Up to nine hours of Certificate course work may be counted toward the student's Ph.D. program minor, upon approval of the student's committee.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. One course below 3.0 will be allowed, provided it is offset by another higher grade with sufficient credits to still maintain the 3.0 grade point average within the Certificate Program.

Course Requirements

Three Core Courses Plus One Elective (12 Hours)

Core Courses (3 required)

Pedagogy course in student's major, if available. These are examples, check with your own department (2 - 3 hours):

  • COM 7810 - Seminar in Communication Education
  • ENG 7040 - Teaching Writing
  • PSY 7850 - Preparing the Future Professional: Teaching Methods in Psychology
  • LIS 7880 - Instructional Methods for Librarians

When an appropriate course is not available, independent study may be substituted.

  • LDT 8500 - Strategies for Teaching in the American College
  • LDT 7310 - Learning Management Systems

Elective (1 required)

Select one course such as the following:

  • LDT 7111 - Design Thinking and Knowledge
  • LDT 7115 - Understanding the Adult Learner
  • LDT 7140 - Designing Interactive Courseware
  • LDT 7180 - Message Design and Display
  • LDT¬†7210 - Foundations of Distance Learning
  • LDT 7130 - Facilitation of On-Line and Face-to-Face Learning
  • LDT 7220 - Multimedia for Learning
  • LDT 8120 - Internship in University Teaching

Other electives may be substituted upon approval of the Program Director.