What is Learning Design and Technology?

The Learning Design and Technology program prepares graduates to design and evaluate empirically grounded learning environments, products and programs that effectively employ emergent technologies in a variety of settings. Our graduates learn to:

  • Create engaging learning experiences
  • Assess learning needsĀ 
  • Identify and solve problems/opportunities in the workplace, health care, schools, government and non-government settings
  • Align learning to desired performance outcomes
  • Design innovative solutions
  • Manage and evaluate programs
  • Lead technology innovations
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Improve workplace productivity and effectiveness

Our graduates enjoy a high employment rate immediately upon graduation, and often before program completion. Professionals in LDT have creative and flexible work environments.

Video Image of Alum student

Some common careers in LDT:

Director of training and development
E-learning specialist
Health educator
Health personnel educaton
Instructional designer
Learning and development specialist
Learning organization specialist
Medical training supervisor
Non-profit training specialist
Performance analyst
Performance consultant
Talent development specialist
User engagement specialist
User experience designer