Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Certificate in Administration and Supervision

The Education Specialist certificate program serves personnel aspiring to administrative positions in education and practicing administrators wishing to enhance their skills. An approval and certificate program is also available. The Ed.S. certificate also generally serves as a preliminary step toward the Ed.D. or Ph.D. degree. 

Education Specialist certificates in General Administration and Supervision are available with concentrations in:

Admission Requirements

Students who have never been formally admitted to the Wayne State University Graduate School should complete an online application through the Office of Graduate Admissions.  Students must request that official transcripts from prior colleges and universities are mailed to the Office of Graduate Admissions.  Students applying for a master's degree must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher. Official transcripts of all college level work, both undergraduate and graduate, are to be mailed directly to the Graduate Admissions Office by the institution where the work was completed.

The admission application is online. It is for all students (new and returning) unless you are a current student in a graduate program at Wayne State University and you are adding an additional program. For students adding an additional program, please use the College of Education Graduate Change of Status Application.

Request for a specific advisor may be made in writing to the EDA coordinator upon admission. The request will be honored if possible. Upon notification of the assignment of an advisor, the applicant should call for an appointment to complete a plan of work. The plan of work is the student's "contract" with the university specifying both the number and title of courses to be taken in the program.

For Special Education Administrator approvals, see either Dr. Carla Harting or Dr. William Hill.

Plan of Work

With your advisor, you will need to complete a Plan of Work specifying the number and title of courses to be taken in the program. For the Educational Specialist certificate program in Administration and Supervision, the plan of work provides students the requirements.

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