Wayne State University

Academic Services Staff

Assistant Dean
Janice W. Green, Ph.D.
(313) 577-1605
Email: jwgreen@wayne.edu

  • Provide overall administrative leadership to the Division of Academic Services: Undergraduate, Graduate, Office of Clinical Experiences and Certification
  • Graduate Officer of College of Education
  • Prepare reports for U.S. News and World Report
  • Supervise Graduate Faculty Status
  • Process changes in courses
  • Supervise outreach activities
  • Director of Morris Hood Program
  • Liaison to Curriculum Committee, Doctoral Advisory Committee and the COE Alumni Association

Support Staff

Daphne Cochran
(313) 577-1601
Email: ab9385@wayne.edu

  • Process Level 2 applications for admission
  • Assist with orientations
  • Maintain forms, documents and curriculum guides
  • Assist with COE Alumni Association events
  • Process Student Assistant Employment

Michael Foley
(313) 577-1606
Email: ai1906@wayne.edu  

  • Approve Plans of Work for Graduate Certificates and Masters programs
  • Graduate Auditor: Process graduate degrees and certificates for graduation and letters of completion
  • Prepare Graduate Commencement information
  • Assist with Doctoral Student Services and the Doctoral Orientation
  • Review initial course proposals and assist with curriculum activities

Sonya Landrum
(313) 577-1635
Email: aj0044@wayne.edu

  • Maintain database for Schedule of Classes, monitor room assignments and textbook requirements posted online for courses
  • Prepare schedule and grade reports
  • Process applications for initial certification, additional endorsements, school counselor licenses, and school psychologist certificates
  • Assist students with Wayne State and State of Michigan certification policy and procedures
  • Process data entry for certification applications
  • Enter grade changes for ED courses, monitor overdue withdrawals, deferred and incomplete marks
  • Maintain test results from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Graduate Academic Services Officers

LaSondra Dawn
(313) 577-1605
Email: ag1646@wayne.edu

  • Coordinator of Graduate Admissions: Liaison to the Office of Graduate Admission, Supervise Graduate Admissions staff, and manage the admission process
  • Coordinator of graduate retention strategies: COE Return to Wayne Program, financial assistance, and Master's Degree time extension.
  • Coordinator of Incentive Scholarship Program
  • Coordinator of the TED 2250 Learning Community for Fall 2014
  • Coordinator of Student Employment
  • Writer/Editor for College of Education Newsletter

Paul Johnson
(313) 577-1605
Email: ay3138@wayne.edu 

  • Graduate Officer: Liaison to the Graduate School; supervise Graduate Education staff; administer college and graduate school policies; administer doctoral services (e.g. approve plans of work, dissertation proposals and time extensions); graduate testing coordinator for the Final Qualifying Examinations; and coordinate graduation policies and procedures
  • Certification Officer: Liaison to the Michigan Department of Education; supervise Certification Office staff; and recommend candidates for administrator certification, school psychologist certification, school counselor license, endorsements to vocational certificates, and approvals for supervisor and director of Special Education.

Mary Waker
(313) 577-1605
Email: ad2349@wayne.edu

  • Coordinator of the Education Specialist Certificate Program (approve plans of work and time extensions)
  • Coordinator of Master of Arts in Teaching and Education Specialist admission
  • Coordinator of Master's Orientation
  • Coordinator of special admission programs: Pathways, Arabic and Chinese Certification Programs
  • Coordinator of the annual Educator Placement Job Fair
  • Update curriculum guides for graduate programs
  • Maintain the COE undergraduate and graduate bulletins
  • Mobile Learning Initiatives

Kevin Williams
(313) 577-1605
Email: ae2921@wayne.edu

  • Recommend candidates for initial certification for the Master of Arts in Teaching Program
  • Supervise degree audits for Masters and Education Specialist students
  • Process endorsements to teaching certificates
  • Process requests for "degree only" or "major only"
  • Coordinator of the Morris Hood Scholars Program
  • Coordinator of special admission programs: Pathways and Canadian Teacher Certification Program

Undergraduate Advisors and Academic Services Officers

Fawne Allossery
(313) 577-1601
Email: ac9010@wayne.edu

  • Advise Kinesiology students: Physical Education, Health (teaching; Level 1) and Exercise and Sport Studies
  • Advise Secondary Education students
  • Verify requirements for undergraduate degrees and certification (undergraduate, combined degree and post bachelor students)
  • Process requests for “degree only” or “major only”
  • Process out-of-state verification forms
  • Update post bachelor major/minor and undergraduate curriculum guides
  • Coordinator of the Dean’s list and Honors Programs
  • Transfer Credit Liaison
  • Liaison to the Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

Ebony Green
(313) 577-1601
Email: au6383@wayne.edu

  • Advise Elementary and Special Education students including Level 1 Early Childhood Students and combined degree students
  • Coordinator of Level 2 admission process & orientation
  • Coordinator of undergraduate databases (STARS and 4D)
  • Liaison for Dual Enrollment Programs
  • Liaison for Special Education and the Office of Dual Enrollment

Chelsea Smith
(313) 577-1601
Email: fg4595@wayne.edu

  • Advise Elementary, Special Education, and undecided/undeclared students
  • Assist in recruiting efforts, represent the College at regional high schools and community college programs and recruiting events
  • Coordinator of the Level 1 application process
  • Coordinator of Communication for Academic Services
  • Writer/Editor for College of Education Newsletter
  • Liaison for Elementary Education and the Student Disability Services Office

Cassandra Tackett
(313) 577-1601
Email: dx6182@wayne.edu

  • Advise Elementary and Special Education students including Level 1 Early Childhood Students
  • Coordinator of Success Track Learning Community
  • Coordinator of New Student Orientations: Freshman and transfer students
  • Coordinator of Probation/Exclusion students and policies
  • Determine National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility
  • Maintain AskCOE and COEUndergrad e-mail systems
  • Liaison to the Office of Military and Veteran Education Benefits
  • Liaison for university orientation
  • Liaison for Early Childhood Education

Student Activities and Outreach

Joyce Krause
(313) 577-1923 - Main Campus  
Email: ad9519@wayne.edu

  • Coordinator of student and outreach activities
  • Coordinator of Student Ambassadors
  • Liaison to Ferndale University High School