Special Education

The Special Education program area at Wayne State University is located within the Teacher Education Division (TED) of the College of Education.  The various special education programs prepare teachers to work with young children, youth, and young adults with disabilities in public and private school settings.

The special education programs are designed as endorsement programs that meet the Michigan Department of Education Special Education Rules for teacher preparation in the areas of:

  • Cognitive Impairment (CI)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)*

The goal of the Special Education program is to prepare teachers to use current research-based and recommended practices while providing research-to-practice opportunities to broaden their knowledge and scholarship. We believe that special education must function as an integral and complementary component of best practices in the education for all students. We support the movement towards inclusive education for students with mild to severe disabilities, and see best instructional practices in general education as supporting the growth and development of students with disabilities. We believe that special educators have important roles to play in building a unified system of schooling that supports learning of all students. Leadership is needed to make these goals a reality. It is the purpose of our program to provide one important avenue of leadership development.

The CI program is offered both for undergraduate, initial teacher certification and as a graduate endorsement program.  The ASD endorsement is a cohort only program offered at the graduate level.

*Note: The Autism Spectrum Disorder concentration is offered solely as a cohort program. 

On April 14, 2016 the Special Education program for the College of Education hosted a School Symposium on Belonging below is the video of this very special event.