Bachelor of Arts - Secondary

Social Studies Education offers only a major for Secondary Education.

Majors and minors are offered for Secondary Education in the individual Social Studies disciplines of Economics, History and Political Science.

Upon graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies Education with a major in Social Studies, or a major or minor in Economics, History or Political Science, you will not only be a very well rounded & informed person, you will be certified to teach those subjects in any 6th - 12th gradeĀ  classroom.

Admission Requirements

Academic Services in the College of Education provides admissions information.

Plan of Work

Content courses for secondary Social Studies and the individual disciplines of Economics, Geography, History & Political Science.

For information on the secondary Social Studies program, contact the Division of Academic Services, Graduate Office, 489 Education.

Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

Students must take and pass both their major and minor content area exams prior to student teaching. Your student teaching placement will be arranged through the Office of Clinical Experiences (Room 221 Education).