Project Overview

In Radical Equations, Moses and Cobb refer to mathematics education as “the new civil right.” To ensure that Detroit area students will have the mathematical knowledge they need to participate in civic society, gain meaningful employment, and lead fulfilling lives, MEDeATe (Mathematics Enhancement for Detroit Area Teachers) will improve the quality of mathematics instruction in the Detroit area by:

  1. Identifying high-quality mathematics teachers in the area
  2. Analyzing what these high-quality math teachers do to be successful
  3. Strengthening high-quality mathematics teachers with professional development
  4. Growing the number of high-quality mathematics teachers in the Detroit area by having existing high-quality math teachers mentor and coach others
  5. Providing ongoing professional community to expand and support the growing cadre of high-quality teachers in the Detroit area

The premise of MEDeATe is that teachers who are successful in Detroit area schools are best positioned to drive changes to improve mathematics instruction in those same schools. While most efforts to improve instruction come from external interests, MEDeATe puts high-quality mathematics teachers at the center of the effort to drive positive change. These high-quality teachers will first be identified and their practice analyzed, so that we have a detailed portrait of what high-quality math teachers do to help students succeed in Detroit-area schools. Next, MEDeATe will strengthen those teachers to lead improvement efforts in the district by providing them with coursework in mathematics content and professional leadership. These high-quality teachers will then lead an expansion of their numbers by mentoring and coaching 2 preservice and 2 inservice teachers each year. A percentage of those preservice and inservice teachers will then join the ranks of those who can coach and mentor others, thus expanding in a significant and reliable way the pool of high-quality teachers each year.

Please contact Dr. Lewis for additional information regarding this project.