Plan of Work - Level 1

Level 1 Requirements

The following courses and course options are required of all students seeking secondary (grades 6 -12) certification regardless of selection of major or minor studies. Some of these courses may also satisfy the University General Education Requirements, but the dual application of any course to both College and University General Education categories cannot be used to reduce the total degree requirement below 124 credits.

No grade below 'C' may be used to meet requirements specific to secondary education, the major, the minor (including the planned minor), or professional education courses; a grade of 'C-minus' is not acceptable.

General Course Requirements

  • HEA 2310 - Dynamics of Personal Health 3 Cr.
  • HEA 2330 - First Aid and CPR 3 Cr.
  • H E 3300 - Health of the School Child 3 Cr.
  • H E 6500 - Comprehensive School Health Education 3 Cr.
  • TED 2250 - Becoming an Urban Educator (Recommended Option) 3 Cr.
  • Computer Literacy (CL) course (or competency exam) 3 - 4 Cr.
  • Critical Thinking (CT) course (or competency exam) 3 - 4 Cr.

Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

Student must take and pass both their major and minor content area exams prior to student teaching.  Your student teaching placement will be arranged through the Office of Clinical Experience, Room 221, Education Building.