Teacher Education Policy Statement on Graduate Student Dispositions and Academic Progress


Students admitted to a graduate program within the Division of Teacher Education are expected to conduct themselves professionally.  The graduate student must exhibit personal and professional behaviors, including but not limited to integrity, honesty, and respect for others.  Individuals must use practical judgment to determine how to behave in a variety of situations.  In classes, students are expected to give and accept constructive feedback.  In addition, they are expected to take an active role in their learning and contribute to the learning of their peers.

Professional Expectations

Developing professionalism is one of the skills that the division emphasizes.  The degree of professionalism that students develop in all of their interactions in the Wayne State University community will impact their ability to achieve their goals both in Teacher Education and in their career.

  • The teacher takes initiative to grow and develop with colleagues through interactions that enhance practice and support student learning.
  • The teacher understands the expectations of the profession including codes of ethics, professional standards of practice, and relevant law and policy.

Academic Standards and Requirements

Graduate students must make consistent and adequate progress toward degrees, endorsements, and/or certifications in their programs.  In an effort to ensure program integrity in the Teacher Education Division, students must adhere to professional expectations and meet the following standards and requirements:

  • Students who receive two grades of C+ or below will not be permitted to complete the program.
  • Repeating courses to improve grades is only permitted once.
  • Grade Point Averages must be 3.0 or higher for the coursework that is on the Plan of Work.
  • The Plan of Work must be completed in the first semester after being admitted into the program for master level students and before 18 credits for doctoral level students.

Students must meet with academic faculty advisors on a regular basis.  Doctoral students must complete an Annual Review and an Individual Development Plan (IDP).