Admission Requirements

Admission to the master’s degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. Minimum entrance requirements established by the College of Education are:

  1. A master's degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Applicants must present a grade point average of 2.6 or above for upper division undergraduate work. Applicants with an undergraduate grade point average below 2.6 must have a grade point average of 3.4 or above on their master's degree work.
  3. Fulfillment of the special requirements of the area of concentration in which the student wishes to work.
  4. All major areas with the exception of instructional technology and counseling require a minimum of three years of teaching experience or equivalent.

Students who have not been previously admitted to the Graduate School may complete an online application for Graduate Admission.

Students who hold master's degrees from Wayne State University file applications in 489 Education Building.

Forms and directions regarding fulfillment of the other College and/or departmental requirements will be forwarded to the student on receipt of the application and transcript by the Education Graduate Office. When these requirements have been satisfied, the applicant will be invited to meet with a committee from his/her chosen area of concentration. Following the interview, the student will be notified of the admission decision by the Education Graduate Office.

Certificate Requirements

The Education Specialist Certificate program requires a minimum of 30 credits beyond the master's degree. The purpose of the Certificate program is to strengthen the liberal education of teachers and administrators and to contribute to more effective productivity of professional workers in the field of education. The specific content of each major is dependent upon the individual student's needs and interests.

Plans of Work are adapted to the professional needs of students and each one is developed by the individual student with the help of his/her adviser. A Plan of Work must be approved by the adviser and filed with the Education Graduate Office, 489 Education Building, before 6 credits have been completed following acceptance into the program. Failure to file a Plan of Work at the appropriate time will preclude further registration for courses.

Research studies, projects, or field studies may be accepted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Certificate. Such projects will be in the nature of culminating experiences and arranged with the individual student's adviser.

Time Limitations

Requirements for the Education Specialist Certificate must be completed within 6 years after admission to the program. Credit earned beyond the master's degree which is over 6 years old at the time of admission may not be applied toward meeting requirements of the certificate. Credit earned after acceptance as a certificate applicant may not be over 6 years old at the time the certificate is granted.

Transfer Credits

A maximum of 10 semester credits of graduate post-master's degree work earned at another accredited university, or at Wayne State University prior to admission to the Education Specialist program, may be applied to the certificate provided the courses are approved by the adviser as appropriate to the program plan.

A maximum of 6 semester credits of graduate post-master's degree work earned at another accredited university after admission to the Education Specialist program may be transferred and applied to the program provided no prior transfer credit from another university has been included in the program.