Educational Psychology

The Program Area of Educational Psychology offers a 30 semester hour program leading to a Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology. The goal of the Master of Education program is to provide students with a breadth of knowledge regarding the application of psychology to education, which can be used in a variety of settings such as schools and businesses. Specifically, students will acquire a foundation of psychological knowledge regarding human development, learning processes, and testing procedures. This program is particularly well suited for teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills by expanding their knowledge of how psychology concepts apply within educational contexts.

Successful completion of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree can provide a basis for application to the Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology. Interested students should refer to the program description for the Ph.D. in Educational Psychology to obtain complete information about admission requirements.

This program does NOT lead to certification as a school psychologist or licensing as a Limited Licensed
Psychologist. Those interested in obtaining certification or licensure should contact the Educational Psychology
Department Secretary (3-North, College of Education, Detroit, MI 48202, (313) 577-1614) for information on the
School & Community Psychology or the Counseling Psychology Programs.