Applying to the Art Therapy Program

This program is designed for students who desire graduate preparation in Art Therapy.
To be considered for the Master of Education in Art Education (Art Therapy), applicants must present evidence of the following Prerequisites. Send the following to the address above.

  1. A bachelor's degree in a related field (art, art education, psychology or other related major).*
  2. At least 18 semester hours (or 27 quarter hours) in studio art, including drawing, painting, and sculpture or ceramics.*
  3. At least 15 semester hours (or 22 quarter hours) in psychology including general psychology, abnormal psychology, and developmental psychology.*
  4. Proficiency in drawing, painting, and sculpture. A portfolio of work is required (minimum ten prints or slides; CD submission is acceptable) demonstrating disciplined commitment in artmaking.
  5. Three letters of recommendation: Preferably one affirming the student's academic ability, one from a qualified professional who can evaluate the student's ability to work with people, and one character reference.
  6. Typed personal statement (approximately three pages) including reasons for wanting to pursue art therapy.

*If the bachelor's degree was earned in art, psychology, or art education the applicant must have some of the required coursework in psychology or art. The remainder of the prerequisite coursework may be completed concurrently with the master's degree, within one year of admission.

If the bachelor's degree was earned in another field, the applicant must have completed either all the art prerequisites or all the psychology prerequisites prior to admission to the Art Therapy Program. The remainder of the prerequisite coursework can be completed concurrently during the master's degree program, within one year of admission.

After students have been recommended by the department, they should apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Student Responsibilities

Plan of Work

After admission to the Master of Education Program, students should meet with the Art Therapy advisor to complete the Plan of Work. A Plan of Work must be submitted to the Graduate Education Office for approval, prior to the completion of 12 semester hours of graduate coursework.


Advanced planning will help ensure the completion of the program in a timely fashion. Information about course offerings can be obtained from the Art Education/Art Therapy Department.

Time Limitations

Students must complete the requirements for the Master of Education degree within six years following the date of the first recorded graduate course to be used for the degree.

Master's Degree Seminars

Students should plan to complete the Introductory Master's Seminar (TED 7000) one semester before enrolling in the Terminal Master's Seminar (ED 7999). Students should enroll in both classes following the completion of all other requirements (with the exception of internship). When registering for the seminars select the section designated for Art Education and Art Therapy students.

Practicum / Internship

Students complete a minimum of 700 clock hours in art therapy practica (AED 7380) and internships (AED 7890). Placements are arranged by the student's advisor. Students are advised to enroll in AED 7890 after completing all other art therapy required courses with the exception of TED 7000 and ED 7999. (See Student Handbook for details)

Transfer Credits

A minimum of semester 24 credit hours must be completed at Wayne State University.


One of the last steps you need to take before receiving your degree is to apply for graduation.  You must apply for graduation in Pipeline no later than the end of the fifth week of classes in the semester you plan on graduating.   To submit an application, click on the "Student" tab, and select "Apply for Degree or Certificate" from the Student Records menu.  For additional information, please visit Degrees and Graduation.