Scholarships & Financial Aid

Through the generosity of private donors, the College of Education is able to award scholarships to hundreds of eligible graduate and undergraduate students each academic year.

Scholarships are available to qualified students admitted to the College of Education who have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 for Graduate Students and 2.5 for Undergraduate Students. While not required for all scholarships, in order to be considered for scholarships that require demonstrated financial need, applicants must have a current FAFSA on file with the University's financial aid office.

Wayne State's Scholarship System, Academic Works!

The application period for private scholarships runs from October 1 - March 1 each year. The application can be accessed through AcademicWorks, a platform that allows students to submit one application for private aid from both the College of Education and the Office of Student Financial Aid (please note AcademicWorks does not replace the FAFSA).

To maximize the scholarships for WSU students, just login during the application period to complete the application. It only takes a few minutes to be automatically considered for hundreds of scholarship opportunities!


Scholarship Webinar

The webinar provides information on the new process to apply for funding and how it has changed.

More Information

Questions regarding the college's scholarship process and the annual award event should be directed to:

  • Julie Osburn, Director, Academic, and Chair of the College of Education Scholarship Committee

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Office of Student Financial Aid

In addition to the scholarships offered through the College of Education, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) administers private scholarships for students from across the university. Details can be found on WSU Private Scholarships.

Alumni Association Scholarships

The David Adamany - WSU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship is aimed at undergraduate students who have shown strong leadership qualities in extra-curricular activities here at WSU while maintaining a minimum 2.75 GPA. Scholarships fund up to 12 hours of tuition each year.

The Taylor Lewis, M.D. and Cleveland Hurst III Endowed Scholarship is dedicated to undergraduate students that have had a postponement of their post-secondary degree and demonstrated financial need.

For more information, visit the Alumni Association website.

Graduate School

  • Graduate Professional Scholarship
    • Students pursuing advanced professional degrees (Ed.D., MSW) or graduate degrees (master's, PhD) in all Wayne State University schools and colleges are eligible for the Graduate Professional Scholarship. Applications are typically due March 1 of each year.
  • King Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program
    • The purpose of this fellowship is to assist students in doctoral programs who intend to pursue full-time teaching positions in postsecondary institutions within one year of receiving their doctoral degree at Wayne State University. Applications are typically due April 1 of each year.
  • Thomas C. Rumble Graduate Fellowship
    • This fellowship is administered by the Wayne State University Graduate School and is limited to Ph.D. students (per the provisions of the fellowship, Ed.D. students are not eligible). Nominations are made by faculty advisors and/or assistant deans of the college's academic divisions. Eligible students (see minimum qualifications below) interested in the Rumble Fellowship should consult their advisor and/or the assistant dean of the division in which their program is located. 
      • Fellowships are available at three levels:
        • Recruitment
          • In order to enhance the quality of Ph.D. students, these fellowships will provide funding to outstanding students newly recruited to WSU. Departments will be required to support the newly recruited fellow for one additional year.
        • Development
          • These fellowships will be used to develop the skills of Ph.D. students who demonstrate the most promise for conducting research and scholarship leading to a high-quality dissertation. These awards should be made to students between their 2nd and 5th year of a work in a Ph.D. program. The fellowship year should be used by the awardees to pursue research that can lead to presentations at professional conferences, peer-reviewed publications, and extramural fellowship, scholarship or grant submissions to national funding agencies.
        • Completion
          • These fellowships will be used to encourage promising Ph.D. students to complete high-quality dissertations in a timely manner. Completion Fellowship nominees and their advisors must anticipate completion within one year of the award. The student may not have received a prior Dissertation Fellowship award or have been enrolled in a Ph.D. program for longer than 7 years.
        • Fellowship Components
          • A stipend for the academic year (bi-weekly checks from August through May), tuition scholarship that provides payment of 7.5 to 10 graduate credits for each of the fall and winter semesters, unless in maintenance status.
          • Subsidized medical, vision and dental insurance for 12 months (September through August).
          • Note: the scholarship will pay only for credits that are or are expected to be on the student's plan of work.
        • Eligibility and Restrictions
          • You must be a Full-time graduate student pursuing a Ph.D.
          • You cannot hold this award if you are a:
            • Part-time graduate student
            • Student pursuing an Ed.D.
            • Student holding a graduate assistantship, fellowship, internship, trainee ship or any other scholarship
            • Student with full or part-time employment (more than 10 hours per week)
        • Application Process
          • Consult with advisor and /or assistant dean of the division in which program is located.
          • Nominees will be asked to provide a cover letter, letters of recommendation and curriculum vitae/resume for consideration by the College of Education's Administrative Council.
        • Questions regarding the details of the Rumble Fellowship itself
          • Contact the Graduate School (313) 577-2170
        • Questions regarding the application process

External Scholarships


Other Financial Aid Options

Please contact the Wayne State University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for assistance in identifying other financial aid resources.