Curriculum Guides

Undergraduate Students

College of Education undergraduate students will follow one of the curriculum guides listed below.  Level 1 students are advised by undergraduate advisors in the Division of Academic Services.   Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to review curriculum guide course selections and requirements prior to registering.

Teacher Certification Programs
Non Certification Programs

Post Bachelor Students

The following curriculum guides are provided to assist Post Bachelor students with the identification of teaching majors and minors for initial certification (Master of Arts in Teaching or Post Bachelor Certification Programs).  Post Bachelor students should complete courses identified on their Transcript Evaluation, which serves as the Plan of Work prior to admission to the Teacher Certification Program.  Students are strongly recommended to attend a Teacher Certification Information Meeting.  To request a Transcript Evaluation, please review the information regarding Initial Teacher Certification and complete the Request for a Transcript Evaluation form.  Indicate your teaching major/minor based on the information found on the following curriculum guides: