Krista Clancy

Krista  Clancy
Lecturer - Educational Psychology

331 Education Bldg.

Office Hours: Wed 3:00-4:00 pm 



 Ph D, Educational Psychology



Dr. Krista Clancy earned her undergraduate at Western Michigan University in 1997, her masters at Eastern Michigan University in 2000, and her Ph D at Wayne State University in 2017. She has a License in Behavior Analyst and a Limited License in Psychology. She has been practicing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and autism for over 20 years. Dr. Clancy is the Program Director for the graduate and undergraduate programs in ABA at Wayne State University where she oversees curriculum development and the field placement for all students in the ABA programs.  Dr. Clancy is also is very acitve in the field, functioning as the Autism Center Director for University Pediatricians, where she is responsible for the training and program development of the ABA treatment and the clinical oversight of the center. She collaborates with the School of Medicine at Wayne State University to run an interdisciplinary training rotation for approximately 150 students and residents per year in a variety of programs medical and clinical programs. She has been the Principle Investigator on state grants totaling approximately 1.5 million dollars in 2015-2018 focused on capacity building and support of the autism insurance legislation passed in 2013. Dr. Clancy is a faculty member supporting the Leadership in Education in Neurodevelopment Disabilities (LEND) where she has contributed to the curriculum development and the training of LEND long term trainees along with faculty content experts from six different Michigan Universities. Additionally, Dr. Clancy was appointed to the State of Michigan Autism Council in 2016 as the university representative where she has recently been involved in a committee to review the autism state plan.


 Applied Behavior Analysis Program Director

Verificed Course Sequence Coordinator for the ABA Programs

Field Placement Advisor for the ABA Programs

Academic Interests

Applied Behavior Analysis

Leaning Theory

Behavior Assessment

Parent Involvment

Effective Teaching and Training Techniques

Area Of Expertise


Applied Behavior Analysis

Research Interests


Parent Involvement

Early Learning Skills

Inter-professional Training


Courses Taught

 EDP 7101 Foundations in Applied Behavior Analysis

EDP 7102 Assessment Techniques in Applied Behavior Analysis

EDP 7106 Field Experience in Applied Behavior Analysis I

EDP 7107 Field Experience in Applied Behavior Analysis II

EDP 7108 Field Experience in Applied Behavior Analysis III

EDP 7109 Field Experience in Applied Behavior Analysis IV

EDP 7110 Field Experince in Applied Behavior Analysis V

EDP 3310 Educational Psychology


Community Engagement Activities

Autism Council - University Representative - Appointed 2016

Leadership in Edcuation in Neuro-Developmental Disabilities - Faculty Memeber, Curriculum Development


Michigan Health Endowment Fund Behavioral Health Initiative “Innovations of Care”, Co-Principle Investigator, 9/1/19-8/31/21- collaberative Learning group focused on improving access to services in young children with or at risk for ASD

University Program - Principle Investigator, 10/1/16-9/30/19 - training and consultaiton on ABA for Hawthorn Psychiatric Child and Adolescent Hospital

Univeristy Program- Principle Invsetigator, 10/1/15-9/30/18, provide training in behavior analysis and early screening, diagnosis and treatmen referral for Autism

Children's Hospital of Michgan Foundation - 7/1/18-6/30/20 Principle Investigator, Expansion of Supervision and services to Support the State of Michigan Autism Benfit for ABA 



Peer Reviewed Presentations



1.     “Using an Inter-Professional Education Model to Disseminate Information About ABA to Medical School Residents - Changing Perspectives About Working with Behavior Analysts” Clancy, KM & Fuhr M at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2017 & Association of Behavior Analysis International 2017

2.     “Supervising Ethically” Fuhr M & Clancy KM at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2017 & Association of Behavior Analysis International 2017 

3.     “Improving Parents Involvement in ABA for Their Children” Clancy KM at Annual Home and Community Based Waiver Fall 2016 

4.     “Assessing Parent Motivation as a Strategy to Reduce Barriers to Treatment in ABA” Clancy KM at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2016 

5.     “Innovative Programs for ASD Professions” Clancy KM & Dwyer N at Michigan Association of CMH Boards 2015

6.     “Bridging the Gaps in Theory to Create Better Developmental Outcomes in Youngsters with ASD” Clancy KM at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2014 

7.     “Providing Behavioral Interventions in Community Setting Through Behavioral Consultation” Kennedy KM at Autism Disorders Conference 2010

8.     “Strangers in a Strange Land: A First-Hand Behavior Analytic Account of Facilitated Communication Training” Todd JT & Kennedy KM at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2006


9.     “Efficacy of Training High School Students to Use Applied Behavior Analysis Procedures with Autistic Children” Kennedy KM, Delprato DJ, Gaal JE, Moore J, Namenek RJ, Thomas JL, & Standtke I at Association of Behavior Analysis 2000

Peer Reviewed Symposium Presentations



1.     “Considering Discrimination Ability: Assessment of Stimulus Control in Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention”at Association of Behavrio Analysis International 2016 


Chair: Hixson M


Discussant: Vause T


“The Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities: Echoic Acquisition and Rate of Learning” Bruni TP, & Hixon M


“Case study using the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities” Boudreau J 


“Focusing on Early Developmental Discrimination Skills to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” Clancy KM

2.     “Building a System to Support the ASD Medicaid Benefit Within Current Practices” at Developmental Disabilities Conference 2014


“Building a Partnership” Betz C


“Training and Capacity Building” Clancy KM

3.     “Implementation of the Autism Benefit: Overcoming Road Blocks” at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2014


“Understanding the New Benefit” Clancy KM


“Barriers to Providing Treatment to the Medicaid Population” Nowak A


“Developing a System of Care and Training for Effective Implementation of the Autism Medicaid Benefit” O’Doherty R & Murphy S

4.     “Developing a System of Care within Community Mental Health for Individuals with ASD” at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2013 and Michigan Assiciation of Community Health Boards 2013


 “The Detroit-Wayne County Autism Task Force” Ingrin J


 “Bridging the Gap Between Evidence-based Treatment and Current Community Mental Health Practices” Kennedy KM


 “Making the Autism Waiver Benefit Work Within the Current System” Pankotia D 

5.     “The Adaptable Token System” at Behavior Anlaysis Assocation of Michigan 2012


 “Our Life as a Token System” Nowak A


 “The Evolution of a Token System” Kennedy KM


 “The Evolving Token System” Fuhr M

6.     “How to Assess Clinically and Interpret to Develop a Treatment Plan”at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2011


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 “How to Incorporate Other Clinical and Behavioral Strategies During Implementation Phase of Treatment” Wheeling R

7.     “Training Nonprofessionals in Applied Behavior Analysis” at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan 2000 & Association of Behavior Analysis 2000 (Discussant: Pardinton J)


 “Past and current status of nonprofessional training” Gaal JE, McGouland J, & Delprato DJ


 “Adapting a training manual for parents and teachers” Standtke I Latronica L, & Hooding F


 “Development and comparison of two programs for working with autistic children” Kennedy KM, Delprato DJ, & Hoodin F



1.   Clancy KM & Lipshultz SE Training pediatric cardiologists to meet the needs of patients with neurodevelopmental disorders.  Progress in Pediatric Cardiology. 2017 Feb DOI: 10.1016/j.ppedcard.2017.01.005

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