Francesca Maria Pernice

Francesca Maria Pernice
Associate Professor - Educational Psychology

351 Education Bldg.

Office Hours: Varies by semester; by appointment.


  • M.S. Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D.Michigan State University, Family & Child Ecology with a specialization in  Marital and Family Therapy
  • Michigan: Licensed Psychologist
  • Michgian: Licensed Marital and Family Therapist


Dr. Pernice is an assistant professor and director of the Counseling Psychology M.A. program in the Division of Theoretical and Behavioral Foundations located in the College of Education. She instructs graduate courses in the area of adult psychopathology, ethics, and educational psychology. She serves as advisor for PhD students in the School Psychology PhD Concentration and Learning and Instructional Sciences PhD concentration within the department of Educational Psychology.

Academic Interests

Recovery from serious mental health; Recovery oriented commnunity mental health treatment environments; Social network supports and mental health;  Family systems theory; Ecological theory in development and mental health.

Area Of Expertise

  • Clinical practice in the behavioral disorders in children and famililes, couples and marital therapy
  • Family psychoeducation/ serious mental illness
  • Evaluation and research of psychiatric rehabilitation programs known as "Clubhouses"
  • Intentional recovery communities, peer support services

Research Interests

  • Ecological systems theory methodology of applying principles, methods, and results of science to the improvement of people’s lives and their environments.
  • Psychiatric rehabililation recovery programs
  • Peer support programs
  • Social support networks
  • Family System Theory

Selected Publications

Conrad-Garrisi, D., & Pernice-Duca, F.. (in press). Sense of mattering to recovery and stigma in consumer-oriented recovery environments. Special Issue: Peer Support at Fountain House/Clubhouses as Rehabilitation Efforts in the Mental Health Field, Guest Editor: K. Magnus, International Journal of Self Help and Self Care.

Bernardon, S., & Pernice-Duca, F. (in press). A narrative-attachment perspective to the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. The Family Journal

Pernice-Duca, F. (in press). The Social process of recovery in the Clubhouse environment: Special Issue: Peer Support at Fountain House/Clubhouses as Rehabilitation Efforts in the Mental Health Field, International Journal of Self Help and Self Care.

Biegel, B.E., Pernice-Duca, F., Chang, C., & D’Angelo, L. (2012). Peer supports in an urban clubhouse. Community Mental Health Journal.

Pernice-Duca, F., Case, W., & Conrad-Garrisi (2012). The role of intentional communities to support recovery from mental illness. In L.Labate (Ed.). Mental Illness-Evaluation, Treatments and Implications. Intech.  ISBN 979-978-953-307-645-4.

Carolan, M., Onaga, E., Pernice-Duca, F., & Jimenez, T. (2011). A place to be: The role of Clubhouses facilitating social support. Psychiatric Rehabiliation Journal, 23(2), 125-132.

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Schellenbach, C., Strader, A., Pernice-Duca, F., & Key-Carniak, M. (2005).  Building Strengths and Resilience among At-Risk Mothers and Their Children: A Community-Based Prevention Partnership. In R. Peters, B. Leadbeater, & R, J. McMahon, (Eds.), Resilience in Children, Families, and Communities: Linking Context to Practice and Policy (pp. 101-116). New York, NY: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.

Pernice-Duca, F., & Rogers, M.A. (2001). The psychology of negotiation: a wider lens on divorcing families. Michigan Family Law Journal, 48-52.

Selected presentations

Pernice-Duca, F. (2012, July). Panel Speaker, Clubhouse Midwestern Regional Conference, Lansing, MI.

 Pernice-Duca, F. & Bateson, S. (2012). Clubhouse: A path to recovery. Invited presentation at Cross-Cutting and Integrated Practices Conference, Michigan Department of Community Health and Michigan Association of Community Health Boards. June 18-19, Lansing, MI.

Pernice-Duca, F, Alward, M., Williams, P., & Onaga, E. (2011, August). The role of clubhouse research. Invited Chair and presenter for Panel Presentation with Michigan Department of Community Health and Michigan State University. Michigan Clubhouse Training Conference, Lansing, MI.

Pernice-Duca, F., & Blasberg, S. (2011, August). Clubhouse relationships: Why they matter so much. Invited presenter with Grand Avenue Clubhouse, Milwaukee WI. Michigan Clubhouse Training Conference, Lansing, MI

        Maisha, M., & Pernice-Duca, F. (2010, April). Stomp out Stigma! Reign in Recovery! Invited presenter, 21st Century Dilemmas Facing Families. Michigan Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Conference, East Lansing, MI.

Kellogg, L., Pernice-Duca, F., & Hall, L. (2010, March). Strategies in helping auspice agencies understand the critical role of clubhouse. Invited speaker by Livingston County Community Mental Health, Michigan Clubhouse Training Initiative Conference. Funded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services, through the Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, MI.

Pernice-Duca, F.(2010, September). The important role of research in the clubhouse movement. Invited presentation for the 9th Mid-State Clubhouse Conference, Troy, Michigan.

Pernice-Duca, F. (2010, September). The Science of Clubhouses. Invited Plenary Speaker for the 9th Mid-States Clubhouse Conference, Troy, Michigan.

Pernice-Duca, F. & Onaga, E. (2010, June). The Interaction between the Social Environment, Social Network Support, and the Recovery Process from Serious Mental Illness. Invited International Research Symposium- Fountain House New York, New York.

Pernice-Duca, F. & Pierce, N. (2010, June). The social discourse of recovery: The role of clubhouse staff in recovery promotion. United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, 35th Annual conference, Boise, ID.

Pernice-Duca, F. (2010, March). Family and peer networks as a function of social support across ethnic reference groups. 2010 Biennial Meeting for the Society for Research on Adolescence, Philadelphia, PA.

Pernice-Duca, F. (2009, November). For love or money? Perspectives of marriage among romantically involved new parents. National Council on Family Relations conference, San Francisco, CA.7.     

Pernice-Duca, F., Yoon, J. & Taiariol, J. (2008, March) The role of family and school influences in relational aggression. Society for Research on Adolescence, Chicago, IL.

Courses Taught

  • EDP 7400 Advanced Family Therapy
  • EDP 6210 Foundations of Educational Psychology
  • EDP 7370 Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis
  • EDP 7250, Ethics, Law and Standards for Psychologists

Community Engagement Activities

  • State of Michigan Governer Appointment, Board of Marital and Family Therapy (2011)
  • Board of Directors, Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), Detroit, MI (2011)
  • Director-at-Large, Michigan Division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Board member, Michigan Chapter- U.S.  Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
  • Recovery Council- Wayne County Mental Health Agency and Project Care
  • Training Faculty: Merrill-Palmer & Skillman Institute, Wayne State University


  •  2012
    2012 Alumni Faculty Service Award