Learning Communities

There are two KHS Learning Community programs that give our students the skills, tools, and environment to progress and succeed at Wayne State University’s College of Education.

1) Professional Preparation in Kinesiology Learning Community - The main focus is preparing pedagogy students to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) test. Peer mentors conduct mini-workshops with PPT presentations, learning activities, and sample questions for the subarea test objectives.

2) KHS Learning Community - The main focus is supporting and preparing level 1 students for level 2 status. The KHS Learning Community’s peer mentors work with assigned mentees to enhance the academic experience by providing dynamic, focused support and guidance.

Peer mentors are mature, high achieving undergraduate students enrolled in any KHS academic program. Peer mentors are adept at providing guidance, both academic and otherwise, to ensure academic and retention success within KHS.

Learning Community benefits are:
• Peer mentor facilitated study sessions and Q & A.
• Effectively learn about academic expectations and requirements.
• Have knowledge and skills to successfully pass the MTTC test.
• Understand how to navigate through the administrative network and prepare official paperwork.
• Access to academic and professional development resources on the KHS Learning Community Blackboard site.
• Opportunities to meet KHS faculty and students at social events.

Linda Jimenez, Coordinator