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Course Descriptions

Note: Courses Numbered 4999 and below are open only to Undergraduate Students

LDT 2015 Introduction to Learning Design and Technology 3 Cr.

Prerequisite: None.

Overview of the field of Learning Design & Technology, including career options; academic, practical, and professional preparation. Students develop a Plan of Work for their program. May be taken prior to admission to Instructional Technology.

LDT 3115 Instructional Design 3 Cr.

Basic instructional design principles and practices; application of instructional planning including systematic approaches, course goals and objectives, instructional strategies, assessment instruments, media selection, design documents, instructor and participant guides. This course satisfies the Writing Intensive (WI) General Education Requirements.

LDT 3125 Evaluation Techniques and Tools 3 Cr.

Consumer-oriented evaluation approaches; evaluation of interactive technologies; essentials of program evaluation in diverse fields; test design and instrument development; full-scope evaluation with emphasis on formative evaluation.

LDT 3135 Practical Project Management 2 Cr.

Basic techniques and skills needed to handle projects; goal setting, scheduling, resource management, monitoring and problem solving; people and process fundamentals; software applications.

LDT 3145 Interactive Course 3 Cr.

Strategies and techniques for organizing, presenting, assessing and evaluating web-based learning. Includes an individual oral and written report.

LDT 4135 Engaging Presentation and Facilitation Strategies 3 Cr.

Knowledge and delivery skills for conducting professional presentations in multiple settings; facilitation of small and large group sessions; focus on communication process, audience analysis, research, preparation, selection of content and support materials.

LDT 4145 Digital Games for Learning 3 Cr.

Design and development of games that are engaging and lead to learning. Students develop a learning game in a studio environment.

LDT 4155 Simulations for Learning 3 Cr.

Design and development of models and interfaces for simulations, including devices, discrete and continuous models, and branching scenarios.

LDT 4165 Digital Video for Learning 3 Cr.

Principles of multimedia learning applied to video productions for the web or digital media.

LDT 4195 Emerging Technologies 3 Cr.
Emerging digital technologies and their potential impact on learning in different settings as well as evaluation and implementation of new technologies.

LDT 4235 Directed Study 1 - 4 Cr.

Individually designed research and practical projects developed with a supervising professor. Course may not be taken more than two times.

LDT 4310 Next Generation Learning Management Systems 3 Cr.
Design, create, and implement instructionally sound learning environments by using advanced learning management systems to promote learning in face-to-face, blended, and online classes. 

LDT 4410 Multidimensional Learning Environments 3 Cr.
Design principles and use of multi-dimensional learning environments in various contexts like education, business, and communication by using mobile apps, devices, and tools. 

LDT 4905 Advanced Seminar in Learning Design & Technology 3 Cr.
With faculty approval, students select a topic, conduct the research, and present the findings. Recommended for those who wish to pursue graduate study in Instructional Technology.

LDT 4920 Internship in Learning Design & Technology 4 Cr.

Supervised training (60 hours) under professionals in organizations; demonstration of design, evaluation, project management, presentation skills, etc. at the professional level. This equates to 40 work hours per credit times 4 credits =160 clock hours. This course is offered with grades of "S" for Satisfactory or "U" for Unsatisfactory.

LDT 4995 Capstone Seminar in Learning Design & Technology 3 Cr.

Review and integration of central practices and theories in instructional technology through discussion involving analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation; course deliverable is an electronic portfolio.

LDT 5140 Producing and Evaluating Technology-Based Instruc­tional Materials (LIS 6360) 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.

Technological applications to education, training, and instruction within educational, industrial, and human services settings. Students examine, develop, and/or evaluate unique instructional programs. For educators and non-educators interested in exploring technological applications in education.

LDT 5275 Learning in Organizations 3 Cr.
Provides an overview of key issues of human resource management, learning, and talent development in organizations. It will also explore considerations for technical training, soft skills training, compliance, as well as the effects of global environments in organizational learning. Offered Biannually.

LDT 6135 Technology Applications in School Administration 3 Cr.
Use of technology tools by school administrators; factors related to leadership and research in technology integration.

LDT 6140 Designing Web Tools for the Classroom 4 Cr.
Design, development and evaluation of learning experiences using the World Wide Web. Student creates and evaluates learning activities using the Web; creation of personal learning portal. Basics of HTML and common authoring tools.

LDT 6230 Internet in the Classroom 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 6140
Developing problem-based instruction by integrating the Internet into the curriculum and lessons. Students examine models for lesson development and investigate how the Internet may be used as a resource in those lessons.

LDT 7100 Introductory Graduate Seminar in Instructional Technology 3 Cr.
Introduction to the field of Instructional Technology: careers, job roles, organizations, scholarly literature, requisite technology skills; introduction to course content and initial planning for student's programs.

LDT 7105 Micro Analysis Methods Cr. 4
Following a high-level needs assessment, students will apply a variety of analytical methods to define specific solution requirements used during the design phase. Focus will include: job, task, process, content, learner and contextual analysis. 

LDT 7111 Design Thinking and Knowledge (LIS 6350) 4 Cr.
Exploring broad conceptions of design including all activities involved in generating intentional change via artifacts and experiences; design thinking and knowledge. 

LDT 7112 Advanced Learning Design Cr. 4

Exploration and application of techniques, tools and competencies characteristic of expert designers. Topics may include: instructional strategies, program design, advanced analysis techniques, empathic design, rapid prototyping, reducing design cycle time, designing instruction for diverse learner populations and developing designer professional identity. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: LDT 7111 with a minimum grade of C

LDT 7115 Understanding the Adult Learner 4 Cr.
Analysis of how adults learn: learner readiness, development, motivation. Developmental and learning theories, memory, creativity, experiential learning, and affective learning. Content based primarily on psychology of teaching and learning of adults; secondarily on application to instruction and training.

LDT 7130 Online Facilitation 4 Cr.
Planning, presenting, facilitating on-line learning, in blended, on-line, and face-to-face contexts. Includes topics such as leading discussions, creating and using formal and informal assessments of learning, use of course management system features and functions.

LDT 7140 Web-Based Courseware Development 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7111; Windows and Web literacy recommended, or consent of instructor.
Design, development and implementation of Web-based courseware. Characteristics, advantages and limitations of the Web as an instructional delivery system. Appropriate instructional strategies for the Web. Use of contemporary development tools to create engaging, interactive, instructionally sound Web materials; design and development teams create and test a Web-based instructional module.

LDT 7150 Evaluation of Learning and Performance 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7111.
Evaluation of learning and performance interventions. Link to evaluation stakeholders, decision-making, and performance needs; identification of measurable indicators and alignment of methodology. Deriving actionable performance improvement recommendations.

LDT 7180 Message Design and Display 4 Cr.
Analysis of principles of message design, foundational research, application in publication of print and electronic materials. Techniques of preparing instructional, informational, and marketing messages using alternative layouts and graphics. Laboratory work using advanced computer configurations.

LDT 7210 Foundations of Distance Education 4 Cr.
Exploration and demonstration of technique of designing and delivering instruction and two-way interactive video and audio technologies. Analysis of the theoretical foundations and principles of designing and delivering instruction over distance.

LDT 7220 Multimedia for Learning 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7111; Windows and Web literacy, or consent of instructor.
Instructional design and development applied to multimedia instruction, such as games and simulations. Instructional strategies for higher-order learning, including problem solving. Alternative design and development methodologies. Essential multimedia production tools and techniques. Students form design and development teams to create and test instructional modules.

LDT 7230 Advanced Multimedia Learning 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7140 or 7220 or consent of instructor.
Advanced topics in multimedia and web-based learning, including topics such as design, planning, production and editing of digital audio and video for use in multimedia websites and CD/DVDs used for learning.

LDT 7310 Learning Management Systems 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7140 or LDT 7220, or consent of instructor.
Design and implementation of systems to support e-learning and traditional delivery. Implementation of courses in a generic LMS; interface of course materials to standards-based management systems, reusable learning objects, standards, and collaborative learning.

LDT 7320 Performance Technology 4 Cr.
Fundamentals of human performance technology; performances, standards, tools and techniques for the performance improvement consultant; analyzing jobs and tasks; improving individual performance; performances technology and instructional development strategies and tactics for performance improvement, performance support systems, organizational behavior; strategic planning and thinking; general processes; professional practices; human performance interventions of an instructional and non-instructional nature.

LDT 7850 Needs Assessment 4 Cr.
Needs assessment models, procedures and approaches. Bases for designing programs, validating programs and assessing continuing validity of ongoing programs. Students undertake a needs assessment validation study to confirm the validity of the intents of a new or existing program.

LDT 7920 Strategic Planning for Training and Organization Improvement 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7320.
Current organizational issues and new competencies in the training profession, respecting: growth of organizational intellectual capital, resolution of complex performance problems, transformation of organizational culture and engineering of change.

LDT 7940 Capstone Seminar in Organizational Learning 4 Cr.

Prerequisite: Completion of all other LDT courses on plan of work.

Terminal project for Design and Performance Systems concentration in the Learning Design and Technology program.

LDT 7980 Capstone Seminar in Learning Technologies 4 Cr.

Prerequisite: Completion of all other LDT course on plan of work.

Offered as a web course. Offered for S and U grades only. Capstone seminar for advanced students in Learning Technologies track.

LDT 8100 Background, Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology 4 Cr.
History of instructional technology practice and intellectual foundations; implication for current issues. Factors likely to affect the future of the field, including contributions of key leaders. Electronic communication techniques used to explore issues with others in the field.

LDT 8110 Advanced Instructional Design Theory and Research 4 Cr.
Prerequisites: LDT 6110, 7110
Analysis of the theoretical foundations of instructional design and their application in design practice. Current design research and theory, future directions in design theory and practice.

LDT 8120 Practicum in Instructional Technology 1 - 9 Cr. (Max. 9)
Prerequisite: LDT 6110.
Students design, develop, use and evaluate instructional systems and subsystems in an educational, business, industrial or human service setting. Offered for S and U grades only.

LDT 8130 Individual Projects in Instructional Technology 1 - 6 Cr. (Max. 6)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
Students develop instructional technology material packages and devices through individual design and production.

LDT 8135 Technology Applications in Central Administration. 3 Cr.
Use of technology tools and data by central administrators; factors related to central office leadership and research in technology inte­gration.

LDT 8180 Readings in Learning Design & Technology 1 - 6 Cr. (Max. 6)
Prerequisite: Nine credits in Instructional Technology.
Individually-paced course: investigation of recent research studies and theoretical essays in the field.

LDT 8320 Performance Consulting 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: LDT 7320
Practical application of principles of performance consulting to solve problems in large and small organizations. Topics include: role of performance consultant, identifying business needs, assessing performance, contracting techniques, managing the performance improvement process.

LDT 8500 Strategies for Teaching in Higher Education 3 Cr.

Prerequisite: admission to a graduate program.
Teaching in higher or adult education; topics may include: course design, writing tests, presentation skills, leading discussions, use of technology including course management systems. (T)

LDT 9105 Conducting Research in Instructional Technology 3 Cr.
Prerequisite: 6 credits in evaluation and research courses.
Design, execution and reporting of instructional technology research on selected topics.

LDT 9110 Advanced Research Seminar and Practicum 4 Cr.
Prerequisite: doctoral student near completion of content major and research methods courses.
Major types of research and their roles in Instructional Technology; includes qualitative, quantitative and developmental methodologies. Analysis of key research issues and concerns. Students draft a dissertation research proposal, application for human subject review, and a timeline for degree completion.