There’s a new major (BA/BS) in town: Learning Design & Technology!

Are you naturally curious with a love for learning? A designer at heart who lives to create? On trend with the latest technology and social media? Or just one of those people who always comes up with a better way of doing things? If you found yourself nodding in agreement at least once, then Learning Design & Technology just might be your perfect major.

Graduates can expect to enter a job market with a strong demand for employees, competitive salaries, and flexible work environments – not to mention, the excitement of innovating ways to help people learn and perform.

LDT 4165 Student Project - Design, Create and Explore Opportunities in LDT

Below are some of the most popular jobs for our graduates:
  • Digital experience designer
  • Director of training and development
  • Health educator
  • Health personnel educator
  • Instructional designer
  • Learning organization specialist
  • Medical training supervisor
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Non-profit training specialist
  • Training developer
  • New media specialist
  • E-Learning specialist

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