Undergraduate Course Offerings

Evaluation and Research offers the below courses at the undergraduate level:

  • EER 1501 - Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology 3 Cr.
    • The rationale of quantitative methods applied to research design, sampling, instruments, and descriptive and inferential statistics via university supplied software; and qualitative methods for categorical data including nonrandom sampling, coding, and networks/displays. Applicable to all majors for solving real-world problems and defending the results.
    • Offered Fall, Winter.
  • EER 4501 - Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Measurement, and Program Evaluation 3 Cr.
    • Provides an introduction to systematic disciplined inquiry and program evaluation. Topics in quantitative methods to be covered include : experimental, quasi-experimental, and survey research; instrument reliability and validity; descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics in qualitative methods to be covered include: grounded theory, ethnography, case study; trustworthiness, coding, and data networks/displays.
    • Offered Fall, Winter.