Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Evaluation and Research is appropriate for applicants who want to understand educational research as well as those who want to conduct research. This program is ideal for educators preparing to pursue careers in leadership, testing, research, or evaluation. EER majors are able to apply what they learn to teaching and administration, as well as related careers in a variety of public and private educational institutions.

The M.Ed. program in EER requires a minimum of 32 credits. This includes 12 credits in statistics, research (quantitative or qualitative), testing and measurement, and computer use in statistics. EER master's students are expected to conduct research, culminating in a master's thesis (8 credits). Additionally, students take six credits in General Professional courses and six credits in electives.

Admission Requirements

See Wayne State University Graduate website for information about admission. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required for unconditional admission. Conditional acceptance may be granted if the GPA is below 3.0. All undergraduate majors are acceptable.

Degree Requirements

Only Plan A (Thesis) is available. A minimum of thirty-two credits is required, including six credits in General Professional courses, six credits in electives chosen in consultation with the advisor, and 8 credits in ED 8999 (thesis). The 12 credits in the major may include:

  • EER 7610 - Evaluation and Measurement Cr. 3
  • EER 7630 - Fundamentals of Statistics Cr. 3
  • EER 7640 - Fundamental of Quantitative Research Or EER 7870 Qualitative Research I: Introduction Cr. 3
  • EER 7650 - Computer Use in Research Cr. 3
  • EER 7870 - Qualitative Research I: Introduction Cr. 3
  • EER 7880 - Fundamentals of Ethnographic Research Cr. 3

Plan of Work

A Plan of Work must be completed in consultation with the student's advisor and submitted to the College of Education Graduate Office, Room 489 Education, prior to the completion of 6 credits. The student attains the status of candidacy after the completion of 9 credits.