Administrative & Organizational Studies

The Administrative and Organizational Studies (AOS) Division has as its primary goal the development and enhancement of leadership and technology in educational systems, organizations and institutions.

It is within the scope of this division to study emergent trends and educational innovations; to develop rationale for supporting educational change; and to present viable programs of study for advanced students in education which will enable them to function skillfully as educational leaders in facilitating change and in developing and conducting ongoing programs. Two program areas, General Administration and Supervision, and  Learning Design & Technology are under the guidance of the division.

The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (EDA/EPS) program offers the Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Educational Specialist Certificate in Administration and Supervision, and doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, as well as other administrative certification programs approved by the Michigan State Board of Education.

The Learning Design & Technology program is designed to prepare individuals for positions in educational institutions, business and industrial organizations, and health care and other human services agencies. The newest technologies are incorporated into these programs, which enables graduates to function in ever-changing roles of this profession, including instructional developer, designer or researcher; media or learning resource consultant; or manager, teacher, or curriculum specialist; and trainer, training manager, or consultant.