Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Students are directly admitted to College of Education Programs from high school or another institution of higher learning by completing an admission application with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, on which the College of Education was selected as the program of study and resulted in acceptance to Wayne State University.

Become a Certified Teacher (Level 1 Students)

Certification offered for Secondary Education, Elementary Education and Special Education.  Please see the appropriate Curriculum Guide for more information.

Student are directly admitted into certification programs as a Level 1 student.  As a Level 1 student you will work on college requirements, general education requirements and content area coursework.  Students begin their professional education sequence upon admission to Level 2 (see below).

Join a Certification Program

Other College of Education Programs

The College of Education also offers a variety of programs in others area such as; Community Health, Kinesiology-Exercise & Sport Science, Learning Design & Technology and Sport Management. Please see the appropriate Curriculum Guide for more information.

In addition students from other colleges as well as the College of Education may choose to pursue one of our minors in Community Health, Learning Design & Technology or Sport Management.

Students pursuing these programs in the College of Education must fill out the external applicant change of major form online.

Declare a Major and/or Minor in the COE

Level 2 Admissions for Teacher Certification Programs

Students are admitted to Level 2 two times a year.  The deadlines to apply for Level 2 admission are:

  • November 1
  • April 1

Apply to Level 2

Level 2 Admission Requirements

Students working toward initial teacher certification and those in a combined degree program may apply for Level 2 upon completion of the following requirements.

  1. Satisfactory completion of fifty-three semester hours with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or above. In addition, the grade point average for any coursework taken at Wayne State University must also be 2.5 or above. Intermediate Composition:  All Education students must complete the University Intermediate Composition requirement prior to admission (grade must be 'C' or better, if taken or transferred in Fall 2008 or later).  
  2. Have official test scores from a nationally normed test (ACT, SAT or GRE) on file with Wayne State University. Use the following codes to have official scores sent to WSU. (SAT-1898, ACT-2064, GRE-3631)
  3. Negative Tuberculosis (TB) test: All students are required to pass a TB test prior to admission. Results of this test are uploaded as a PDF during the application process.
  4. Group Work Experience: Verification and evaluation of successful group work with children experience corresponding to the desired level of certification. Fulfilled by TED 2250 if taken at Wayne State Fall within the past five years. For those who have taken TED 2250 outside of Wayne State or if their program doesn't require TED 2250 please be prepared upload completed group work from as a PDF during the application process.
  5. Criminal History Check: All students must submit a current (within the last 6 months) Criminal History Check.
  6. Specific prerequisites or other special requirements of the curriculum area for which the student is applying. These can be found in the program's Curriculum Guide
  7. Completion of the Level 2 Application.
  8. Attendance at the Mandatory Cornerstone Welcome upon acceptance.