Information for Stakeholders: CAEP Accreditation

The Teacher Education Unit, as part of the College of Education, prepares professionals who have the commitment and competence needed to help people acquire the knowledge, skills and understandings enabling them to participate in and contribute to a complex changing society.

Content and Pedagogical Knowledge
CAEP  Standard 1
We prepare teachers who demonstrate deep understanding of student development, content area specialization, assessment, educational research and instruction technology.
Clinical Partnerships and Practices
CAEP  Standard 2
Our candidates develop caring and reflective professional expertise through experiences in authentic instructional settings.
Candidate Quality
CAEP  Standard 3
Our candidates enjoy flexibility and support in their preparation experience while demonstrating commitment to lifelong professional growth and understanding of learning diversity.

Program Impact
CAEP  Standard 4

Our program completers make a difference in the lives of children.
Continuous Improvement
CAEP  Standard 5
We are continuously focused on providing our candidates with the highest quality educational opportunities possible.

Consumer Information

We believe it is important to provide prospective and current candidates with information about the cost of attendance and gainful employment.

Parent/Candidate Information

We believe it is important to provide candidates with easy access to information that will help them make the most of their Wayne State University experience.

For more information:

Dr. Elizabeth Corah-Hopkins, Ph.D. (email:
Director of Accreditation and Assessment, Instructor, Bilingual/Bicultural Education
Teacher Education Division
College of Education
Wayne State University
5425 Gullen Mall, 216 Education Bldg.
Detroit, Michigan  48202
Phone: 313-577-0937