Wayne State Writing Project

The Wayne State Writing Project (WSWP) is a collaborative group of teachers working together to improve writing in all grade levels (K-12) and subject areas.  As part of the National Writing Project, WSWP works to build the leadership, programs, and research needed for teachers to help their students become successful writers and learners.

The mainstay of our approach has three central tenets:

  • Teachers teach other teachers about their most effective writing practices.
  • Teachers study research on writing and the teaching of writing.
  • Teachers improve their knowledge of writing by writing themselves.

Through summer and school-year programs, WSWP teachers continually deepen their understanding of promising practices in the teaching of writing.  Through the leadership of Teacher-Consultants, the WSWP offers a variety of programs including teacher writing and study groups, workshops, curriculum consulting, and informal teacher networking activities.  In the near future, we will also include student writing camps.

Professional Development Programs

The Wayne State Writing Project (WSWP) provides in-service programs and workshops for K - 12 teachers in the teaching of writing and writing to learn across all content areas.  These programs and workshops are available to schools and districts throughout the greater Detroit region.  WSWP Teacher-Consultants work collaboratively with school and district personnel to design programs for teachers that address immediate concerns and contribute to long-range plans.

Each session, directed by Teacher-consultants who are experienced in the highly acclaimed National Writing Project Model, includes active demonstrations, participant involvement, and discussion of classroom applications of research-based strategies for continuous improvement of students' writing and writing to learn.

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