Plan of Work

Plans of work for the Master of Arts in Teaching program involve 51-52 semester hours.

To receive the Michigan Elementary Provisional Certificate and Special Education Endorsement through Wayne State University’s M.A.T. program candidates must:

  1. Complete eight liberal arts requirements if these courses were not part of the undergraduate program. The courses are; Biological Science, Physical Science, Geography, two History courses (US and World) Political Science and Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (1 & 2).
  2. Earn grade of “C” or better in whatever additional coursework is necessary to declare a teaching major and minor, or three teaching minors: Language Arts, English, French, Italian, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Spanish are all possibilities. Early Childhood or Bilingual Education may also be a minor.
  3. Complete with grades of “B” or better, Special Education and the Education coursework listed on the following pages as prerequisites to student teaching.
  4. Complete the courses for their special education major. Must pass the Elementary MTTC and the MTTC for their special education major – autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cognitive impairment (CI), emotional impairment (EI), or learning disabilities (LD).
  5. Complete 1/2 day student teaching 5 hours in an elementary setting and complete full day student teaching 8 hours in a special education setting.
  6. Apply for Elementary Teaching Certificate – grades K-5 All subjects; K-8 All subjects in a self-contained classroom; majors/minors 6-8 with a K-12 endorsement in the special education exceptionality area.
  7. Obtain First Aid and CPR Certification before being eligible to teach in the State of Michigan.
  8. Complete all requirements for Masters Degree.
  9. Provide updated Criminal Background Check.

Students must complete a Plan of Work with a graduate advisor no later than their second term of attendance. This plan will be submitted to the Graduate Education Office. Students should not enroll in courses that have not been pre- approved by a Special Education graduate advisor. If students have taken required courses as an undergraduate, appropriate courses will be substituted by the student’s faculty advisor.

For Plans of Work for each of the special education areas of endorsement (autism spectrum disorder, cognitive impairment, and learning disabilities), please see a graduate advisor.

Plan of Work