Wayne State University

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Masters of Arts in Teaching is designed for the individuals who have an undergraduate degree in an area other than education and who want to earn a K-12 endorsement in Special Education as part of your teaching certificate. The special education MAT program is listed under the major of Elementary Education with a K-12 concentrations in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)*, Cognitive Impairment (CI), or Learning Disabilities (LD).

Special education teachers work with people who require a variety of special needs. Graduates of degree or certification programs in Special Education might work as special education teachers, instructional coordinators or post-secondary teachers.

*Note: The Autism Spectrum Disorder concentrations as of May 18, 2016 is in a moratorium and is not accepting students for the Fall semester of 2016 and going forward. Current Students are not affected by this moratorium.

Careers in Special Education

In the Field of Special Education there is a variety of employment options available including:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle and High Schools
  • Administration
  • Community Agencies
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Research Centers
  • Health Centers
  • Universities and Colleges