Wayne State University

Education Specialist

The Education Specialist program (EdS) is a flexible program that is mid-way between a masters and doctoral degree. Many educators complete this degree as they are taking courses for additional endorsements. The University requires that students be admitted to a degree program to continue to take courses. A plan of work for an endorsement, however, is not considered by the university to be a degree program. Therefore, enrollment in this program allows students to work towards this degree while simultaneously pursuing additional endorsements.

Special education teachers work with people who require a variety of special needs. Graduates of degree or certification programs in Special Education might work as special education teachers, instructional coordinators or postsecondary teachers.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Note: The Autism Spectrum Disorder concentrations as of May 18, 2016 is in a moratorium and is not accepting students for the Fall semester of 2016 and going forward. Current Students are not affected by this moratorium.

Careers in Special Education

In the Field of Special Education there is a variety of employment options available including:

  • Elementary schools
  • Middle and High Schools
  • Administration
  • Community agencies
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Research Centers
  • Health Centers
  • Universities and Colleges

Admission Requirements

To be admitted the Education Specialist program you must complete an application to the graduate school and to this program. You will be interviewed by a faculty member who will recommend you for acceptance into the program. Complete the application and you wil be contacted for this interview. Applications for the program are available in the Academic Services Division, Room 489 Education.

Plan of Work

The Education Specialist program requires 30 hours of courses beyond the Masters degree. The program is very flexible. Most students incorporate required courses for additonal endorsements as part of this program. SED 8700, Advanced Seminar in Special Education, is the one required course for all students. You will need to meet with your advisor to complete and for approval of your Plan of Work.

Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

The Education Specialist program does not require a practicum for the program itself. However, if you are pursuing an endorsement in an area of special education as part of the program, you will take the practicum that is associated with the endorsement you are pursuing.

Such a practicum involves a two-semester, 6 hour sequence which will involve combined work with students and action research. All coursework on the Plan of Work for the endorsement portion must be completed prior to the practicum enrollment. On the job practicum sites are possible when appropriate.

You will take SED 7800 twice in two sequential semesters. Students may do the first semester of the practicum in the Fall or Winter with the subsequent semester in the Winter, Spring, or Summer. Sign up for SED 7800 Practicum in Special Education. Instructor permission is needed for the second part of SED 7800.