Student Teaching/Practicum/Internship

Prior to Pre-Student Teaching (TED 5150) students need to complete ELE 3320, TED 2550, and one of the Elementary Methods courses.

TED 5150 Teaching Research and Practice 5 Cr.
Students are required to complete one semester of pre-student teaching in an elementary classroom, grades 1-5.  Beginning Winter 2010, TED 5150 will require four mornings a week or two full days a week in a classroom and a mandatory seminar.

Students must apply one (1) year in advance for Student Teaching

Prior to Student Teaching

Special Education students must pass the MTTC Special Education Test prior to student teaching. Study guides for tests are available at the MTTC website.   

TED 5780 Directed Teaching (in General Education) and Conference 5 Cr.
Students are required to complete student teaching in a general elementary classroom.

TED 5790 Student Teaching (in Special Education) and Conference 8 Cr.
Students are required to complete one semester of student teaching in a special education classroom concurrently with SED 6010.

For detailed information on the student teaching component of the program visit the Office of Clinical Experiences.