Plan of Work

The undergraduate program in Special Education with a major in Cognitive Impairment leads to a Michigan Elementary Provisional Teaching Certificate for teaching all subjects in grades K-5; all subjects in grades K-8 in a self-contained classroom; and for teaching children who are cognitively impaired in grades K-12. This major is also appropriate for individuals seeking preparation for cross-categorical class resource rooms, post-high school programs and education positions within the adult service delivery systems.

Please follow the Special Education Curriculum Guide for both Level 1 and Level 2 students and consult with an Academic Advisor in the Division of Academic Services, 469 Education. 

Level 1

Admission to the College of Education is based on two levels. Students are directly admitted to the College of Education Level 1 from high school or another institution of higher learning by completing an admission application to the University, selection of a College of Education program on the admission application, and acceptance to Wayne State University. Level 1 students are working to fulfill the requirements found on pages 2 through 5 of this guide, which includes General Education Requirements, College Requirements, and requirements for admission to Level 2.

Level 2

Admission to the College of Education Level 2 program requires a separate College application, which is available in
Room 489, College of Education or online at Admission Procedures. Students complete the Level 2 application when all Level 2 admission requirements have been fulfilled (see page 5). Admission to Level 2 is not competitive. Students meeting all requirements will be admitted. Students will receive their individualized Plan of Work at the Mandatory Level 2 Orientation.

Most courses for the Cognitive Impairment major are restricted to students admitted to the College of Education Level 2. For complete information see the Special Education Curriculum Guide (Page 6).