Bachelor of Arts - Cognitive Impairment

The program in Special Education consists of University General Education Requirements (Competency Requirements and Group Requirements), College Requirements (the Special Education Comprehensive Major), a major in Cognitive Impairment, and a sequence of professional education courses, including one semester of pre-student teaching and two semesters of student teaching (one semester in the general education classroom and one semester in the special education classroom). The policy of the College of Education is to provide teaching experiences in both an urban and a suburban setting.

The undergraduate program in Special Education with a major in Cognitive Impairment leads to a Michigan Elementary Provisional Teaching Certificate for teaching all subjects in grades K-5; all subjects in grades K-8 in a self-contained classroom; and for teaching children who are cognitively impaired in grades K-12 and Post Education Programs through the age of 26 yrs.

At the completion of the program, students:

  1. Apply for the B.A. degree.
  2. Apply for the Initial Provisional Teaching Certificate.

Upon completion of all requirements, Wayne State University will recommend the student to the Michigan Department of Education for the Elementary and Special Education Provisional Teaching Certificate.