Admission Requirements

College of Education Level 1

Completing University & College Requirements

Admission to the College of Education is based on two levels. Students are directly admitted to the College of Education Level 1 from high school or another institution of higher learning by completing an admission application to the University, selection of a College of Education program on the admission application, and acceptance to Wayne State University. Level 1 students are working to fulfill the requirements found on pages 2 through 5 of this guide, which includes General Education Requirements, College Requirements (the Special Education Comprehensive Major), and the requirements for admission to Level 2.

Level 1

Students will be required to take one course in the Teacher Education Division (TED)

  • TED 2250 - Becoming an Urban Educator 3 Cr.

In order to apply to the Professional Education Sequence (Level 2), students must complete the following requirements:

  1. Completion of at least 53 semester hours.
  2. A minimum grade point average of 2.50.
  3. Completion of the following courses PSY 1010, PSY 2400, and BIO 1030, BIO 1050, BIO 1510 or SCE 5010.
  4. Completion of TED 2250.
  5. Completion of Intermediate Composition.
  6. Completion of MAT 1110 (Math Competency).
  7. A passing score on each of the three sections of the MTTC Basic Skills Test #96.  The three sections on the Basic Skills Test are Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.  Study guides are available on the MTTC website or in 469 Education. When registering for the test, please select Wayne State University (31) as a “College or University to receive scores”.
  8. A copy of a negative tuberculosis (TB) test (within the last three years).
  9. A current (within the last six months) statewide Criminal History Check.
  10. Up-to-date transcripts from each undergraduate school attended or WSU Transfer Credit Evaluation.
  11. Advisor-signed curriculum guide.
  12. A completed Level 2 Application.
  13. Students with complete applications will be invited to attend a mandatory COE Orientation, which is the final requirement for admission to Level 2.

Deadline for Application to Level 2

The application deadline for admission in the next semester are:

  • February 1
  • June 1
  • October 1

College of Education Level 2

The Cognitive Impairment Major & the Professional Education Sequence

Admission to the College of Education Level 2 program requires a separate College application, available online or in Room 469, College of Education. Students complete the Level 2 application when Level 2 admission requirements have been fulfilled (see page 5). Admission to Level 2 is not competitive. Students meeting all requirements will be admitted. Students in Level 2 have access to the Cognitive Impairment Major and to the course in the Professional Education Sequence (see page 6).

Important Restrictions

1.  No grade below a “C” may be used to meet College Requirements or courses in the major, minor, and the Professional Education Sequence. Note: All students must receive a “C” or higher in Basic and Intermediate Composition if these requirements are completed or transferred in Fall 2008 or thereafter. A grade of “C-” is not acceptable.

2. This curriculum guide is subject to change based on WSU start date.

3. If you are interested in teaching Special Education at the Secondary Level, there may be additional requirements. Please contact your advisor.