Master of Arts in Teaching - Elementary

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree is a graduate certification program for individuals with a bachelor's degree in science and seeking an elementary education certificate (grades K-8) with a major in integrated science. The holder of this certificate may teach all subjects in K - 5 and teach science in grades 6 - 8. The integrated science (DI) group major includes 43 credit hours distributed among life, physical and earth and space sciences. Students in this program receive the Michigan Elementary Provisional Teaching Certification while earning credits toward the Master of Arts in Teaching Degree (M.A.T.)

The M.A.T. program consists of graduate level courses (several involving work with children in a school setting) and a student teaching experience for a minimum of one University semester. A State competency examination is required in the major and minor content areas before student teaching (TED 5780 Directed Teaching and Conference).

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in elementary science provides educators with a teaching certificate (grades k-8). Those holding this certificate may teach all content areas K - 5 and teach science grades 6 - 8.  After completing all the requirements educators also receive a master’s degree which will allow them to transition from a provisionary to a professional teaching certificate. The research skills acquired in this program are an important aspect of the education professional’s growth and essential to those interested in taking on leadership roles and/or pursuing a doctorate in the future.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for the M.A.T. program in Elementary School Science, applicants must present evidence of:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • An overall honor point average of 2.75 or higher and at least a 3.0 honor point average in the science major.
  • An undergraduate major in science; and
  • Successful completion of the State Basic Skills Exam.

Admission to the Master of Education program is contingent upon admission to the graduate school. Applications for the Master of Education Degree are in the Academic Services Office, Room 489 Education.

Plan of Work and Other Student Responsibilities

After you have been admitted to the M.A.T. program, you should meet with your advisor to complete your Plan of Work. It must be submitted to the College’s Graduate Admission Office for approval after completing one semester of graduate work.

Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

Students must take and pass both their major and minor content area exams prior to student teaching. Your student teaching placement will be arranged through the Office of Clinical Experiences, 221 Education).


You must submit an application online through your WSU Pipeline account or send an online application to the Commencement Office ( by the end of the fourth week of the semester in which you complete your degree requirements.

One of the last steps you need to take before receiving your degree or certificate is to apply for graduation. Applications for graduate degrees must be made not later than the fourth week of classes for the semester in which degree or certificate requirements are to be completed. You must apply for graduation in Pipeline and for additional graduation information visit Degrees and Graduation.