Admission Requirements

To be considered for the Master of Education program in Reading applicants must present evidence of:

  1. A bachelor's degree in education from an accredited university.
  2. A grade point average of 2.75 or higher for the last 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) contributing toward the bachelor's degree.

Students entering this program should consult with an advisor before taking any courses.


Students who have not been formally admitted to the Graduate School file initial applications online. Official transcripts of all college-level work, undergraduate and grad­uate, are to be mailed to the Academic Services Office, 489 Education Building. When all transcripts, and other cre­dentials, including Statement of Objectives related to the area of specialization, have been received and any prerequisites satisfied, the student will be notified of the admission decision by the College graduate officer in the Education graduate office.

Degree Requirements

This degree is offered under Plan C requiring a minimum of 33 credits in course work distributed as follows: RLL 7100, 7200, 7300 7350, 7400 and 7500; 6 credits in general professional courses, with 6 in elective credits.