Wayne State University

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Elementary Education

Master of Education

This program serves graduates from bachelor's degree programs in education. Students will be able to strengthen their competencies and acquire new ideas and skills. Elementary teachers may earn an early childhood endorsement on their elementary certificate if so desired. Secondary teachers may earn an elementary endorsement on their secondary certificate. Coursework taken in the program may be used for re-certification as a teacher in Michigan.

The Elementary Master’s Program at Wayne State University is designed to give certified teachers an in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning in the elementary school. The mission of the College of Education is to prepare teachers who are reflective, innovative professionals who are committed to working with a diverse population. The program challenges teachers to closely examine their own teaching, and to ground
theories about learning into the realities of classroom life. It is a program that prepares teachers to be professional leaders in their school districts, knowledgeable of current research on best practices, proficient in using technology in flexible and strategic ways, and adept at capitalizing on the strengths of a diverse population.

The Master’s Program has three main emphases:

  1. an interdisciplinary focus:
    - Writing for different purposes across the curriculum
    - Weaving literature across the curriculum
  2. a multicultural and diversity focus:
    - Learning to use urban, cultural resources
    - Developing strategies to meet the needs of all learners
  3. an inquiry focus
    - Supporting teachers to be inquirers into their own teaching
    - Reflecting upon and refining the connections between theory and practice