Student Teaching / Practicum / Internship

The Early Childood Education (ZA) Endorsement requires evidence of supervised student teaching, on the job teaching or practicum experience in at least two of the three definitions for age and grade levels:

  1. Primary - kindergarten through third grade
  2. Preprimary - ages two and a half through four
  3. Infant-Toddler - birth to two and a half years

Therefore, the following are recommended:

TED 3550 Teaching Research and Practice 5 Cr.

Students are required to complete one semester of pre-student teaching in an elementary classroom, preferably kindergarten. TED 3550 requires four mornings a week or two full days a week in a classroom and a mandatory seminar.  Students are in a cohort of 15 - 20 students with a WSU instructor. Early childhood education students should request a Kindergarten classroom for this first placement.


TED 5790* Student Teaching and Conference for Special Groups-Elementary 5 Cr.

ELE 6080 Preprimary Goals and Practices 3 Cr.  (co-requisite with TED 5790)

Students are assigned to the College of Education Early Childhood Center, located on campus in University Tower.  Students work with children five mornings a week. Students take the ELE 6080 seminar until 2:30 pm on Tuesday and participate in a team planning session until 4:00 pm on Friday.  Students can schedule other courses, work or personal activities on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.


TED 5780* Directed Teaching and Conference-Elementary 8 Cr.

Students are required to complete one semester of student teaching in an elementary classroom, preferably in a grade 1, 2 or 3 classroom.  TED 5780 requires five days a week in a classroom with mandatory seminars throughout the semester. Do not accept a Kindergarten placement as students must have at least one semester's experience in teaching reading.


TED 5790* is recommended prior to TED 5780.


Students must submit a Student Teaching Application for TED 5790 and TED 5780.